Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Economy and the Fall 2008 TV Schedule

I was so disappointed tonight to drive past one of my favorite restaurants and saw that it was closed. I knew Baker's Square was closing a bunch of locations that weren't bringing in the dough, but I thought the one close to me at work was going to survive... I was wrong. I was so sad! It's terrible that my evening is practically devastated just to learn a restaurant closed! But in this crazy economy, I've been seeing a lot more things closing (like the Disney store at the mall, which really surprised me!) and the more it happens the more of a reality check it is that things are bad, and getting worse. :o( I will miss going to that Baker's Square for sure, and especially getting pies there on an occasional holiday. I do want to add that thankfully it looks like the one closest to our church is surviving thus far... whew!

On another note...

We sadly admit that we are both pretty steady TV watchers. Generally speaking, we like most of the same things. I was having trouble locating the Fall 08 schedule for each station, so I did a search and found this: It was VERY helpful! We are pretty sure we know what we'll be watching! I wanted to help you find your choices too. If you aren't sure what you want to watch, take it from me, the shows listed below are pretty good. My absolute favs of these are Smallville and Heroes.

7 pm Chuck (NBC)
8 pm Heroes (NBC)
9 pm My Own Worst Enemy (NBC) - new; we're not sure about this but we'll give it a try

7 pm The Biggest Loser (NBC)
7 pm NCIS (CBS)
8 pm The Mentalist (CBS) - new; we're not sure about this but we'll give it a try
9 pm Without a Trace (CBS)

7 pm Knight Rider (NBC)

7 pm Smallville (CW)

7 pm Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? (FOX)
9 pm Numbers (CBS)

7 pm Extreme Makeover Home Edition (ABC)
9 pm The Unit (CBS)

Returning midseason: Lost, According to Jim (on ABC); Here Come the Newlyweds (may return, not confirmed yet); Scrubs will return but on ABC, not NBC.

We are sad at the loss of Journeyman and Bionic Woman, but I guess there is still life after television.... :o)

ENJOY this Fall on TV!

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