Thursday, October 7, 2010

Flat Tires and Giggles

I got this today.

I am currently killing time in the Hyundai service waiting room. God bless free WiFi!

In the midst of this, I am reminded of God's goodness to us. Some would think {and I did for one quickly fleeting moment} that God was against them like "Oh come on Lord! Really? I don't need this right now!!" But the reality is, it's in those moments when God's love shines through the thickest. It's the little life things such as this where I believe God pursues us and reminds us of his grace.

For example, this could have happened halfway between home and work {a 45 min drive}, but it didn't. It happened right by my house where I could quickly get to the dealership. {Yes that's right, despite having been taught 4 times in my life how to change a flat tire, I won't remember or attempt to do it on my own. I mean, isn't that why they have dealerships and tire stores?} The people at the dealership have been very nice and bumped me to the front of the line {or at least they lead me to believe that}.

Just for the record, I'm trying really hard to not spread my germs around here. But it is relaxing, and I'm letting myself just de-stress and not freak out. God is using this time to continue to remind me that I need rest with this cold, and that I can't push it. I prayed this morning that if I wasn't supposed to go to work today, God would make it obvious.

Perhaps this was his answer? Or maybe he's just using it as a reminder to me of his sovereignty and control of my life. I need to stop trying to control my life and have it fit in this neat little package. God knows better. He knows what I need.

So all I can do now is smile, knowing that my Savior loves me like crazy and is showing me his goodness & grace in the midst of a flat tire.

And while sitting here, I get to look at my weekend pictures. How can you not just giggle when you see these girls?? Who were busily laughing when they saw my Amtrak train pull into the station. They got such a kick out of it! I love it!!


Sydney said...

I love this post. It was just what I needed :)

Lynda Young said...

Beautiful post. God has a way of looking after us :)