Tim is 36, I am 35. We've been married for 13 wonderful, often challenging years, but we still love each other fiercely. We met 15 years ago in college in Indiana. Tim is now an audio producer for a telephony company {he engineers voice talent & produces messages on hold, voice recognition, etc, for people's phone systems}.

Tim loves the Lord, loves our church, and gives of himself in ways that still surprise me for the shy guy that he is. He is a sports fanatic... so long as it's a certain sport. For instance, he doesn't like figure skating, golf, soccer, fishing, or tennis {although, don't try to beat him in tennis on the Wii} but he loves basketball, football, baseball, hockey, etc. You know the manly sports as he'd say. And at least I can get him to toss the Frisbee with me!

Tim comes from a combined family. He likes to say he's the 1st, 3rd, 5th, and 7th. Technically speaking he's the 7th of 11. His parents were both married before and their spouses died. His mom had 2 and his dad had 4. They came together and had Tim {he likes to say he's the exception to the Brady Bunch}. They adopted and fostered 4 younger than him. So Tim is also technically an only child in the aspect that he's the only biological child for his mom & dad together. It's often crazy, but I love his family truly as if they were my own. Oh, so yeah, on his side he has 24 nieces & nephews. No, we don't buy for everyone at Christmas. We'd be broke.
{Our boy is kiddo #25 in the family!!! Eek!}

Tim is an absolutely incredible dad. It's been so neat to watch him love on Elijah the way that he does!

Tim's favorite musicians are Kutless and the now defunct David Crowder Band. He likes spicy food, is a meat & potatoes man, loves playing video games on systems or the computer, is perfectly content to be at home, his favorite TV shows are SHIELD, The Big Bang Theory, NCIS, Mike & Molly, Person of Interest, Blue Bloods, and anything sports related. He hates to read. His favorite restaurants are Famous Dave's BBQ, Chipotle, or Taco Bell. He likes waking up to talk radio {boring!}, hates shaving {and even though I really dislike beards/facial hair/scratchiness, I even think he looks hotter with a gotee}, enjoys being our grillmaster, and mows our yard superbly {boy am I glad, growing up I enjoyed it but we had a riding lawnmower because our yard was so big, I hate push mowers, meh}!

Tim is strict on issues he's passionate about. He doesn't drink and is extremely against it. He hates secular music, doesn't enjoy Halloween, doesn't dance and is adamant about not dancing in public, gets pretty fired up about politics, and is a wee bit stubborn. And yes, this is quite different than me and makes for some, um, interesting arguments discussions.

Tim gets incredibly bored visiting my family in the country. He just doesn't know what to do with himself for the life of him. It's so funny to me. City boy to the heart, except that he hates actually visiting the big city {Chicago}. Live nearby, but avoid it like the plague. That is so weird to me. Even this country girl loves visiting the big city! Vacations are super boring to him if there's not a TV and computer. Tim is a family guy to the heart and would do anything for his family if they're in trouble or need help. He's dedicated, loyal to the core, and can talk your ear off about something he's passionate about even though he's introverted. Tim is a great handyman and has learned a lot since being a homeowner. I'm so proud of him and all he's done around the house!

I love and adore him like no one else on this earth. Despite our struggles and the roller coaster ride we've been on the past few years, I couldn't imagine my life without Tim. I'm so thankful God gave him to me and I'm blessed abundantly to hold hands with Tim on this journey.

And he can still make my heart go pitter-patter and my tummy swirly-whirly!  


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