Monday, October 12, 2009

Winter Go Away, Fall Come Back to Stay

Yesterday (Sunday) hubster and I went for a walk at a nearby park. The park is gorgeous with a big pavillion for events (we happened upon a wedding), tons of beautiful trees, two ponds with fountains, and all the gross green poop lovely geese you can find.

I couldn't help but take a gazillion Fall photos while being bundled up to extremes in winter gear. It's a mere 41° here in Chicagland right now [for those not from around here, explanation: Chicagoland is the generic reference including Chicago and all of the suburbs...I live in a suburb to the west of the city]. Brrr. I don't even want to think about the negative temps coming in a few months, ughhh. But still, Fall is my favorite season, and while I love the chill in the air, I'm not enthused about it being quite this cold this early.

But alas, it is what it is, and I'm going to still enjoy it before winter comes oh so fast!

So please enjoy the array of Fall photos. I apologize, there's a lot of them, but I just couldn't decide!

Hope you're finding a way to enjoy the weather wherever you are! No matter what it does to our bodies, we can always find a way to be thankful for what we do have. Despite additional pain as of late (likely to the shift to colder temps), I'm trying my best not to let it get me down. Hope you're able to do the same!

What's the temperature and colors like where you live?


blueviolet said...

It stayed in the 40's here today...brrrrrr! I love the gorgeous photos!

Sherlock said...

mid-60s here, down to low 50s nights. Mid-70s tomorrow and down in the 40's night. After that we'll be mid-60s days and nights between high 40s and mid-50s.

I can take temp swings a lot better when it's cold than when it's hot. My body is really feeling it yesterday and today.

Your photos are gorgeous! our leaves have just begun to change so are not pretty enough for photos yet :)

georgia b. said...

rochelle, these are beautiful! you seem to be getting more and more creative with your photography. i like that! hehehe...a gazillion. you sound like me. does tim get frustrated too, like b. does? he won't go on walks with me anymore if i bring my camera along. main reason is because he likes to walk on a walk. that does not happen very much when i keep stopping to take photos. but i love that you took your camera with you. it looks like you two had a blast despite the flippin' ridiculous cold front that has been here since... well, since last winter! it's sad to think that if we get an indian summer this year, it will be more like spring or what most of fall should be like if it is anything like what the real summer was like!!!

good to "see" your name pop up in my comments today! hope you are well.


Stephanie said...

Beautiful pics Rochelle, really enjoyed them.