Monday, September 23, 2013

Fall TV Premiere Time

Ohhhh we are definitely entertainment junkies.

But add a newborn, and your life more than changes drastically. It's a whole different world.

So we are trying to limit our shows this year, especially as the little guy goes to bed anywhere from 8-10 p.m. and we aren't sure exactly how the timing will go. And we don't have a super great, reliable source of recording/watching shows later, though we try to get them on the Internet.

With that in mind, below are the shows we want to watch, underlined are the ones we're going to try to watch live and are more important to us.

How I Met Your Mother, 7 pm, CBS, 9/23 [that's tonight peeps!!! whoop!]
We'd stopped watching this show last season because of all the sexual innuendo and content that we were sick of. But we have to try to catch the final season! 
Mike & Molly eventually, starting in the Spring [ugh! hard to wait for this one!]

Tuesday: [this is the super hard night for us!!]
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., 7:00, ABC 9/24 [new show, ohhhh man, why'd they have to pair it up against NCIS?!?!]
NCIS, 7:00, CBS, 9/24 [hate that Ziva is leaving!! this is going to be a hard year to watch...]
NCIS: LA, 8:00, CBS, 9/24
New Girl, 8:00, FOX, 9/17
Chicago Fire, 9:00, NBC, 9/24
Person of Interest, 9:00, CBS, 9/24

Revolution, 7:00, NBC, 9/25
Arrow, 7:00, CW, 10/9
Only two shows on that night and of course they're on at the same time.

Big Bang Theory, 7:00, CBS, 9/26
The Millers, 7:30, CBS, 9/26*
The Crazy Ones, 8:00, CBS, 9/26*
Sean Saves the World, 8:00, NBC, 10/3*
The Michael J. Fox Show, 8:30, NBC, 9/26*
Elementary, 9:00, CBS, 9/26
*New shows we may try and see how they go

Last Man Standing, 7:00, ABC, 9/20
Undercover Boss, 7:00, CBS, 9/27
Hawaii Five-O, 8:00, CBS, 9/27
Blue Bloods, 9:00, CBS, 9/27

The Amazing Race, 7:00, CBS, 9/29

Visit my friend Mary's Fall TV post for super helpful links to help with your own timeline.

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