Sunday, August 17, 2008

Family Visit

Two weeks ago, we spent the weekend at my dad's in Iowa along with my brother, sister-in-law, and two nieces. It was a fun and enjoyable, but too short weekend. Here are (finally) some pictures taken over the weekend. Sorry I'm so far behind!

Olivia jumping off dad's fence into her daddy's arms...

All of us - L to R, Jeremi, Cayley (2), Tim D, Dad, Olivia (5), Me, and Tim M

Dad with Cayley and Olivia

All of us again (trying to get some good family photos)
Cayley, Jeremi, Olivia, and Tim

Me and Cayley
Cayley (it's tough to get her to smile)
Me, Dad, & Tim
Tim & Jeremi

Us with the girls - toward the end of picture taking and they were pretty much done with taking pics and wanted to play

Me & Olivia

This was so much fun... we had them making silly faces and it took a few shots before Cayley really got into it.

This was so cute - Cayley was watching Olivia and trying to imitate her

I love this shot!

Olivia & Cayley playing

Dad & Jeremi on the very interesting seesaw

Tim & Olivia
Olivia & Cayley's turn on the seesaw (with a hand from Tim & Jer)

Olivia on something we don't know the name of... this was one interesting and fun playground (at a school a few blocks from dad's house).
My brother on the zipline

Dad showing us around the recent flooding that hit Iowa City... here's a church that was flooded...
Wig and Pen... one of dad's favorite restaurants... if you look close enough you can see the water line about halfway up...

I didn't get the sign in the picture, but I thought it was funny: "20 years, 2 floods, we'll be back"... and you can see the water line a lot better on their building.

Eating brunch at a restaurant with neat decorations (it used to be a power plant and some of the look of it remained)...

I love this picture - it's such a rarity to get Cayley to smile for the camera!

Us on the bridge over the dam in Iowa City

This is my favorite!! Daddy & Cayley...
Grandpa with Olivia looking at the dam

We had to ask a stranger to take this picture since our family ditched us and walked ahead
Olivia opening the gift we got her for her 5-year birthday (just a few days later) - hard to believe she's already 5!

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