Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Pain Study & Chance to Win

I've heard recently about a sleep study that is very interesting, and I thought I'd go ahead and share it with all of you in case you're interested too.

A very nice lady who represents Select Comfort (maker of the Sleep Number bed) read my blog and contacted me with this information. Here's part of what she said:

"The study, conducted at Massachusetts General Hospital by Harvard researchers, shows how the right mattress can significantly reduce back and neck aches as well as morning soreness, stiffness, and pain in addition to many other quality of life measures that often suffer as a result of poor sleep. For example, intimacy with your partner, food cravings, mood, etc."

To read about this study, click here.

Pete Bils, a prominent sleep researcher, was recently interviewed on the nationally syndicated TV show, THE DOCTORS, where he talked about how mattress pressure points increase aches and pains.

I realize most of us know that our mattress isn't always ideal, but often we just can't afford to do anything about it. It's that fine line between literally paying for it with pain but feeling like you really can't pay that kind of money or deciding that it just really needs to be part of the budget because you're hurting too much.

We personally want to find the ideal mattress for us, but it's such a tricky thing and you don't want to make the wrong choice. It's so awkward to lay on mattresses in stores and try to get a really good feeling for a mattress. I think our last choice was just word of mount, laying on it quickly, and just rushing through it to have something at least better than what we had. Now with the Fibro, I feel firmly that we need to make sure we make the right decision. To read my discussion with Peter on his mattress blog, click here.

We were just finally able to pay off my car loan, which is a huge step for us! We're hoping and praying that maybe it could last at least another year so we don't have to foot the bill for another car, and we can concentrate on saving for other things, such as a new mattress. We'll see....

So with that said, you have a special chance to register to win a free Sleep Number bed!

After you register, here's what you do:

1) For those of you I know who don't have blogs, please leave a comment with why you'd like to win a Sleep Number bed, what you've heard about them, and what your top 5 favorite restaurants are. If you don't have a google account, you can leave a comment as "Anonymous" but then be sure to include your name and email address within the text of your comment (if you are a personal friend/family and I have your email, then you don't have to include that).

2) For those of you with blogs, please write about this pain study, the chance to win a Sleep Number bed (by April 2nd only, otherwise ignore this step), what you like about or don't like about Sleep Number beds, any thoughts you have about pain issues/Fibromyalgia/other chronic illnesses and how it relates to your sleep, and what your top 5 favorite restaurants are.

By registering to win and doing one of the above two steps, you will be signed up to win a $25 gift card from me to one of your top 5 restaurants! [Okay, so I know this isn't much perhaps compared to some of those other contests/giveaways out there, but it's about all I can do.] :)

This opportunity to win a Sleep Number bed ends tomorrow, April 2nd, so get on over there and submit your name right away! This is all a part of celebrating sleep awareness in the month of March [okay, so I'm a little behind... but who else can believe it's really April now?!?!?!?].

My part of the contest ends at midnight, Saturday, April 4th, Central Time.

For those of you writing about this on your blog, in Mr. Linky below, you must include your permalink to this topic on your blog, not your blog homepage. That way anyone reading this in a couple of months could still be able to find your direct page with this topic. [Please note: this is my first time using Mr. Linky so I have no idea how this will work. If you have any problems with it, let me know, and instead just post a comment with your permalink included. Also Mr. Linky is saying you're participating in something called "Wordless Wednesday" which you aren't doing, but I'm having trouble changing it. Please ignore and forgive these issues! Thanks!! :)]

Click below now to register for your chance to win a Sleep Number bed! Be sure to do so by tomorrow (April 2nd)!!

Thanks for participating!

Must Have Sleep Contest


always-l0veee said...

But get on over there I think you mean on your blog and not the sleep study site you mentioned earlier, right?

Just found your blog tonight and I cannot believe I stumbled upon it right before this contest ends. I have a livejournal which is all friends locked, but I am going to make a public entry on there and come back here and add the direct to link to the post I'll make about this and use "mr. linky" or I'll try.

Just wanted to make sure that when you say, "So get on over there and sign up" you mean writing an entry or blogging it, or commenting on THIS entry to sign up for this contest. We don't have to sign up anywhere else, do we?

Just want to make sure I'm doing this right. I know the chances of me winning an amazing bed are slim but it's worth a shot at something that could help me sleep better and help with my pain (but more about that when I write the entry).

If I'm confusing any information I'd appreciate you emailing me!

Thank you :) I'll come back here when I write the blog and give you the link & I look forward to reading more about you in the future!

Rochelle said...

Hi there:

I think when I said "get on over there" I just meant registering for the chance to win a Sleep Number bed since that ends today. The rest, you have more time on (thru Sat). Given that you are the only person so far interested, I'd say that this is the worst contest in the history of blogging. ;) But for you, it's a good thing cuz it means you'll win the $25 gift card if you're the only person who posts about it!

I do mean to have you look into the pain study, but you don't necessarily have to go through it to talk about it. I'd like to hear thoughts/discussion/ideas about pain and its relation to sleeping and having the right mattress. That's really the pain point of this whole thing. Just to get a discussion going about all of it.

The other thing I forgot to mention was to please link back to my page in your post so others come here too.

Thanks! Let me know if you have any other questions.

Georgia B. said...

yeah, Roe!
i love your new blog!
unfortunately, i can not comment on it. for some reason, certain Blogger blogs won't let me comment when the comments field is set up a certain way. this one is okay, cause it's a different format.

but the other ones—like your photo blog won't accept my comments for some reason. :(

oh well.

i'm so glad you started it. you'll find in addicting.

glad you got a new camera. i look forward to seeing what you do with it!

Amydeanne said...

I think i missed it, but how interesting, i'll have to check out the study! thanks for the info!