Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Writing Assignment

For this week's Mamakatslosinit's writing assignment, I chose #4: Write a list of 10 things on your mind this week. This seems like the easiest for me this week... given that my brain has been pretty mushy, but I always have a list of things on my mind.

1) Getting well - I have got to get well, this is driving me batty!! So this week I'm concentrating on remembering to take my multi-vitamin daily, drinking more OJ and other vitamin C filled drinks, remembering to eat my probiotics yogurt, drinking my Sambucol syrup (black elderberry immune system support I learned about from a church friend, see pic below... supposed to be a "miracle worker"... hasn't worked yet for me), getting potassium in me (bananas, OJ), taking hot/steamy showers to clear me out, drinking hot chocolate and putting the steam under my nose, and getting lots and lots of rest.

Ah... the things that make us happy when we're sick...
One tastes gross but may improve how I'm feeling (yet to be seen though)...
The other tastes amazing and helps clear the sinuses...

2) Preparing for travel this weekend (if I don't get worse!) - we're helping my brother and his family finish moving into their new house. They're moving from northeastern IN to west central IL (about 8 hrs from where they were to where they are now... only about 5 1/2 hrs from us... or 4 hrs by Amtrak) for my brother's new job as a senior pastor in a small church there. We went to IN weekend before last to help them pack, and this coming weekend we'll be in west central IL helping them move in (staying with my mom and stepdad).

3) Preparing for a final goodbye - to my mom's beloved dog... she'll be dearly missed. She has stomach cancer now and she's deteriorating quite a bit, so they'll likely have to put her down next week. I love that dog so much, like a part of the family. It will be really sad to see her go. I'm trying to prepare myself for the realization that she's not doing as well as she was at Christmas, and to expect her to be thin, weak, and not herself. I know she's not human and I'm trying to be an adult about this... but it's hard. That dog is so wonderful. Here she was at Christmas.... ain't she so cuuuuttttteeee??!!

Oh what a perfect dog she's been for 11 years.
We will deeply miss her... especially my mom.
It's in these days I'm even more thankful mom's no longer alone.

4) I want to finish getting our Christmas stuff put away soon. Urghhhh. I cannot believe some of this stuff is still out. But at least the tree is finally down and put away!

5) I want to finish re-organizing the hallway closet that I started this past weekend. Oh it was so bad... I just couldn't stand it anymore. But now it's all strewn across my living room since I've been sick and haven't been up to finishing it. I also need to go back to the store and buy several more tubs to put things in. I was motivated to get this project done by my organizing blogging friends! Reading all your exciting posts helped me realize how much fun re-organizing can be with the right tools, and how necessary it is to do once in a while!

6) I need to re-evaluate my new year's resolutions, especially my weight loss goals. I need to figure some things out. I only lost 4 pounds in January, which is not going to get me as quickly to my goal this year as I'd hoped. I've got to get well, and I've got to be able to stay on top of this.

7) I need to go to the bank and deposit a couple of checks... one I think dating back to December. Good grief, I've let that sit too long.

8) Oh how I hate laundry... oh how I hate laundry...

...and dishes.

9) I need to watch LOST tonight. I mean, I really, really need to. It's so important. For my health, you know.

10) I will be spending a lot of time praying this week for winter to come to a quick end.


Anonymous said...

good luck with all your list !!

Anonymous said...

Well, I hope you're feeling better soon because all that moving might take a lot of energy out of you.