Monday, September 14, 2009

Invisble Awareness Week, Post 2: Lyme Disease

Whenever I start to feel blue or question God's purposes in my dealing with Fibromyalgia, I am gently reminded of some friends going through much worse. And that ultimately helps me remember there are many out there who are worse, also struggling with chronic illnesses, and/or laying on their death beds.

I know it can be a bad thing to compare, but at the same time, I like to keep in mind those I know personally who are dealing with much worse. It helps keep me grounded, not so whiney, keeps me focused more on the Lord & helping others, and helps get my focus away from what I'm going through.

My friends Spencer and Melody (whom I've never meant in person but feel like I know well now through a mutual friend and on blogging & Facebook) are BOTH fighting a vicious bout of Lyme Disease. I can't even begin to describe their pain, agony, helplessness, defeat, or just how very sick they are. Melody has a pretty severe case, while Spencer's isn't quite as bad and at least he's been able to find some work, but it's still pretty bad. They had to move to be closer to family since they just couldn't do it on their own anymore. They are both very ill. Both. Every time I struggle or think woe is me, God sends them into my brain. I pray for them. Weep for them. Cannot possibly imagine the immense heartache there. Cannot possibly imagine my husband also dealing with a chronic illness. Asking God to give them strength when they are too weak to even think for themselves.

I've learned a lot from Melody and her fight with Lyme, starting with originally being diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. She's helped me out a lot with resources and ideas for getting me tested for Lyme's, even while she was so sick she could barely breathe, much less type me an email. Please read their story here.

I write this email not for you to feel sorry for us in any way, but to help spread the word about Lyme's, Fibromyalgia, and other chronic illnesses.

For more information on Lyme's, visit the International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society.


melody said...

okay, Rochelle, you have no idea how humbled and honored I am by this post.

I am so blessed by your posts and often convicted and challenged to be more patient and trusting amidst these health struggles. Thank you for sharing about your health struggles - it really helps me (and many others) not feel so alone.

I know I haven't written you for a while, but do know you're often in my thoughts and prayers each day :)

DWKing said...

Thank you, Rochelle. I'm Melody's father and I've so appreciated seeing your encouraging, uplifting interactions with her. May our Lord bless you.

Rochelle said...

Aw, thank you David! I really appreciate hearing from you. I care deeply about Spencer and Melody, and am so thankful to Monica for introducing us in cyberspace. I hate that they have to go through this, but am thankful for their influence in my life and through our hardships.