Monday, February 21, 2011

Warmth & Car Washes

Last week the weather was gorgeous! Over the weekend, it got cooler and cooler, and today it was downright cold! {Albeit, this is second-hand knowledge as I was too sick to go anywhere yesterday & today....}

Friday night and Saturday Tim washed both of our cars. Boy did they need it!! With my 45-minute commute each way, and his 1 hour commute each way, those puppies get super dirty in the midst of the winter. So it was really nice to have a warm-up and a chance to really scrub those cars down! I'm so thankful Tim took care of this for us. :) Yay!

Tim tackling the dirt & grind on my car
The grossness of parking under a tree at work.

Tim's car shining in the sun after its wash

And... as of right now, I am feeling better! Not 100% but definitely better than I was yesterday and this morning. Here's to being on the mend! :)

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