Monday, February 21, 2011

Flu or Fibro?

so hard to know if it's the flu or fibro. so many symptoms can mimic each other. 


so I feel absolutely grossly awful 

called in sick to work

horrific aches and pains

overwhelming nausea 


sensitive to lights and sounds

exhausting just to sit up and type

incredibly weak

extreme trouble focusing

difficult time with coordination

lost my grip on things several times this morning

had intense chiropractor therapy on sat morning

more intense than i'd had in a while

felt amazing

but can still feel like it's affecting my body

just taking time to recover and stuff to mend

doubt it's making me this sick, but who knows

not sure what it is

either way, time to go back and lie down

thankful for the good moments that i did have this weekend

God is good

and i look forward to feeling better :)

blessings to each of you

1 comment:

blueviolet said...

Truly hoping that it's just today, and tomorrow is better, because that's just too much to handle.