Thursday, September 1, 2016

Pregnancy Update - 37 Weeks

Wow, am I ever behind on here!! Yikes.

If it counts for anything, I have managed to start and save 9 drafts over the months... but have yet to publish any of them. Google Chrome has been really goofy for me lately and has locked me out of my blog, so I can only write on here when I open a different browser. It's just enough of a pain, I haven't felt like messing with it much. And then I delay long enough that the drafts don't really apply anymore.

Also, last night was the first time since MAY when I've plugged my phone into my computer and finally uploaded all of my pictures!!! Yowsa.

I think it's safe to say I'm pretty far behind on all of life, these days!

But this space is long overdue for a pregnancy update, for anyone still wondering. :)

I'm officially 38 weeks tomorrow (Friday 9/2). I've been doing well - am just super tired these days and struggling to stay awake practically every moment of the day and cannot sleep at night to save my life. Ughhhh!

I've been having random changes in cravings (my biggest ones lately are shredded chicken grilled burritos from Taco Bell, Hershey's chocolate pie from Burger King, Pad Thai, and all the bagels/bread in the world). I'm swollen and feeling huge, but love every single move that baby makes. Nasal congestion, indigestion, numbness/tingling in my hands, insomnia/exhaustion, Fibro pain and fatigue, and regular Braxton Hicks contractions are my biggest battles right now.

But I'm trying to soak it all in before it's over and yet I've been soooo ready to be done (!!!). If baby continues to hang in there, my last work day is next Thursday 9/8 and my due date is the following Friday 9/16. I can hardly believe it and am so grateful to have made it so far!!!

Below is a side-by-side pregnancy comparison, though 1 week apart (left: 1st pregnancy at 36 weeks, right: 2nd pregnancy at 37 weeks).

Last pregnancy, I was forced by my overly concerned, hyper-sensitive OB to get induced just after 38 weeks (due to going into pregnancy with high[ish] blood pressure and medication). I went to the hospital the evening of 38 + 1, and about 24 hours later at 38 + 2 it was determined that I hadn't progressed and needed a c-section.

This time I researched and found a highly-respected and trusted OB who would let me try for a VBAC, without any threat of induction unless in case of emergency or complications.

I've had no bad reports, all tests have come back good, no complications or concerns, and regularly have had good blood pressure. So at this point, there's still no reason to do anything but wait and pray, hope and see. If something changes into an emergency or complication, then obviously we'll have to do what we need to do. Otherwise, we're waiting until I hit 40 weeks. At that time, there might need to be more conversation and monitoring to see whether we just head straight into a c-section, due to a failed induction last time.

This time I'm on a better vitamin regimen, am regularly seeing a natural doc/chiropractor who will soon start natural induction methods, and that I've had enough BH contractions that many think my body will go into labor on its own regardless of what happened last time. But there's no guarantees and I'm trying not to get my hopes up while also hoping for the best at the same time!

Please pray with us that things go smoothly, baby comes on his own before 40 weeks, and for continued good health and safety for me and baby!

Obviously we want whatever God has for us, but I also really want to have a less traumatic experience than last time. But as one friend reminded me today, birth is always traumatic and in the end, we have a baby. (I mean, really... wow!) And that's the most amazing and grateful part. I really want to keep my head on straight and stay focused on what God has in store for us as we get a front-row seat to how he's going to be glorified in all of this!

But it's hard. In my selfish heart, I really want things to go so much better, with no surgery, no NICU for baby, and a happier experience overall.

So thank you for your prayers for us and for God to be honored, no matter what.

Let me leave you with an updated pic of our adorable 3-year-old at his birthday party back in June!

Can you believe we have a 3-year-old AND about to have another baby?!!? Still seems quite surreal to us! Praise God for his overwhelming kindness to us!

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