Saturday, July 26, 2014

Elijah's 1st Birthday

The day before Elijah's birthday when he was at daycare {6/19}, we put him in his 1-year outfit and they celebrated with him wearing a prince hat for a day {though it lasted only a few minutes before he took it off - he hates hats!}, and they also shared mini cupcakes with his friends. So fun!

As June 20th came around, I spent a great deal of time reflecting, praying over, crying over, and rejoicing over June 20th one year ago. It was healing and therapeutic for me. But the actual day... that I wanted to relax and enjoy so I tried to spend a little less time focusing on that and more time just looking at his baby books and snuggling my big little boy!

When his birthday hit, he was a teething, somewhat fussy baby. We all snuggled in bed together after Elijah woke up and we played around with him for a little bit. Then we received a text that my best friend from college and her husband were on their way from Indiana, and it helped remind us we needed to get up and going!

We got dressed and headed out to a nearby donut shop that is as much out in the country as you can get around here, so it's a quick, beautiful drive. Their donuts are fresh, airy, and delicious - they make them on-site and you can watch them as they make them! It's a cute retro place and we love it! Elijah LOVED his donut and made a fun little mess. It was priceless and the perfect way to start his day... sugar-crazed kid aside. ;)

Watching the guy through the window making the donuts!

We went back home to get more things, let Elijah nap, ran by a garage sale to get a few more age-appropriate toys for him, and headed back out to meet Mark & Cori for lunch. Elijah took right to Cori, which was very special to her and to me! Cori is the one who posted here about her years and years of struggle with infertility, and our close friendship. The quick connection with Elijah really meant a lot to us, it's like he knew it was important!! She is fantastic with kids and I trust her with Elijah completely... her bonkers personality aside! ;)

We ate lunch at Chili's, and scrambled to get out of there when Elijah started making too much noise. We went to Cabela's and walked around, looked at animals and fish, and had lots of laughs over some yummy fudge!

One big fish got too close to Elijah and he started crying and reaching quickly for Cori! It was really cute and funny. I was really glad he didn't reach for me - it was so sweet that he just clung to her!!

I don't have any pics from Saturday, but it was a great day! I spent some time out and about with Mark & Cori while Tim helped some our friends Kevin & Bekah move.

They joined me in going to Party City for his 1st birthday party supplies, and it was so nice to have other people's opinions and people to cart around Eli while I had to think about what to get.

Very spontaneously I asked if they could watch Elijah while I ran in to the Hair Cuttery next door. They sat with him for 20 minutes while I got my face waxed and finally felt like a new woman again! {Oy vey, pregnancy messed with my facial hair bad! Ohhhh I hate it. But it was worth it. :)} It was so nice to be in there without corralling Elijah and it was the best gift they could have given me!!

Mark later sat with Elijah while Cori and I did some shopping and talking - and it was so precious. What a wonderful day! That night we had pizza from Papa John's and a cookie pizza - Elijah loved his little piece and having us sing happy birthday to him! Lots of little prayers over and celebrations with this little guy on his special day!

Thank you, Mark & Cori, for driving the several hours over from Indiana to visit us, finally meet Elijah, and for all that you did! We had a great time with you!! Still sad you had to leave Sunday morning without being able to say goodbye due to a family emergency, but we are glad that everything is okay and that you were able to be here. Love you guys so much, come back anytime!!

We truly enjoyed Elijah's 1st birthday, but the party was one week later. More to come on that soon!

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