Sunday, June 22, 2014

Guest Post from my Friend Cori

{Written yesterday - I forgot to hit Publish}

I am Roe's friend from college years...ah the "good ole days".  I would consider her my best-estest friend as she has been there for a lot...and we only met in 1996.  Seems like forever ago that her and I started "our" journey together, and boy have we been through some strange, exciting, heart breaking, fun times.  I must say infertility for both her and I has been the most challenging, devastating, and rewarding thing....for now.

I found out she was pregnant at the same time I was telling her of an impending back surgery. I was so drugged up from pain meds that my excitement was reduced to a "really!? that's so awesome".  Luckily we both giggled about my "lack" of enthusiasm and drugged up state.

I followed with extreme dedication over Facebook after promising that we'd call and stay in touch...that is such a laugh for both of us and our every exhausting lives, hehe.  I watched her belly grow, her grins, her pitfalls, all the wonder and awe in a pregnancy were elations in my day.  I prayed for her and baby every day and every was such a wonderful and scary process for her I'm sure but for me as well......I was nowhere close in distance to her and could not hug, console, laugh, rub the belly...anything.  I felt so far away from someone and something that I wanted to be a part of.

I know her pregnancy was trying, scary, blessed, wonderful, miserable, and everything in between....and at the same time was 1million% what she wanted and needed in her life.
Amazingly that sweet friend of mine allowed me to "live" a pregnancy through her.  16 years and counting of infertility for me with no end in sight, I clung to the photos, the updates, the emails, everything.  I was with her every step of the "internet" way.  I loved it.  What an amazing gift that was to me.

I tried to make a trip out here to Chicagoland to see her during her wonderful time of carrying but sadly time flew by, work was hectic, my family (3 step kids, a husband, 4 dogs, and just a house of chaos) really did not allow for the break nor the funds to make it.

I got a phone call saying that Roe was getting induced and that she would be holding her baby soon on the 19th of July.  Excited me was again hoping to plan a trip and got shot down due to our well catching on fire...seems like everything was just blocking us from connecting.

The exciting news of the arrival of Elijah David a year (and a day) ago was so thrilling, magical.....crazy....and then the news of all of Elijah's NICU adventures had me reeling.  I was an emotional wreck..I cried tears, I cried out to God....I'm not the strongest Christian and for me sometimes prayer, belief, faith is a problem.  I mustered up everything I had and prayed for Elijah's health and of course the family's strength and sanity.

I was relieved and thankful to hear of his recovery.  They were taking him home!

I watched Elijah grow up through (again) Facebook. Thank you good God for Facebook.  It was our connection.

I got to know that sweet baby and watching my best friend become a wonderful mother---and of course Tim become a great father.

Crazy to think it's been a year.  A YEAR!  And on his first birthday I got to meet him.  I got to hold him, kiss him, hug him....and of course got to see Roe and Tim too.  He is an amazing gift of God to a great couple.

A crazy fast year of prayers answered, gifts bestowed, and families made.  I have always loved Roe and Tim and now I have a third to love -- sweet baby Elijah.  Congrats on your first year, you did it!  I cannot wait to watch and enjoy you growing.

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