Friday, December 12, 2008

Fabulous Friday

Similar to my "Things I Like Tuesdays" postings, to help keep me in the spirit of Christmas cheer and thinking positively, I'm starting a "Fabulous Friday" post. It's probably only going to be today since this will be my last Friday in town before Christmas... but we'll see. Maybe I'll keep it up even after that. holds Fab Friday deals with remarkable prices. Check out today's amazing deals here.

This morning I got to see one of my absolute favorite sights around my little corner of the world. It always reminds me of how fabulous and wonderful our great God is... even in things like this. Just a few minutes past my house is a country club that has a large hill available for skiing in the winter, and on the other side of it you can go tubing. On days like this, when we already have some decent snow on the ground, they make their own snow in the morning to add a fresh, good layer for the people that ski or tube that day. There's a hill just before you pass by the country club hill (the road actually dips for just a moment so it's a bit of a hill, then a dip, then another slight hill), and as you come over the hill in the early morning when the sun is just rising and sharing it's beautiful sunrise colors... you can see these large plumes of snow curling up into the air from their snowmakers, and as it mixes with the sun or the sunrise colors just behind it, IT IS FABULOUS!! It's such a pretty sight. I leap up and down in my car as much as I can and just get so excited every winter when I get to see that beautiful sight on my way to work. I can't look at it for long since the sun is just behind it and the road starts to curve and dip... but even for those short seconds, it is wonderful. God is so good and even in the manmade stuff, I can see his glory and beauty.

If ever I'm riding with Tim and get a chance to capture this on camera I will. But if not, just close your eyes and try to imagine it.


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Sherah said...

Rochelle--thanks so much for describing this scene! What a beautiful thing :) Isn't that the best, when you have something like that to brighten your day?! (My favorite is walking up the stairs at Crossway and seeing an incredible sunset in front of me, through the windows. Amazing!!) Have a great weekend :)