Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Fibromyalgia & Being Overweight

I had a conversation today with a friend about being overweight and how that affects my Fibromyalgia.

I have no real answers for them, but I have done some research and while it could play a role in it, it's not the root cause, nor is it as easy to fix as one might think.

While riding the Fibromyalgia roller coaster, I have seen, heard, and felt more things than you could ever imagine. Later this month I hit my 5 years to the date since I started feeling the symptoms of Fibro. This is going to be a month of deep reflection, prayer, looking inside myself, researching more about Fibro yet again, and digging deep into God's Word.

This is not an easy road. It's invisible, people forget my daily struggle with it, and it's mind-numbingly painful. No sugar-coating here, it's a tough battle to fight. And I cannot imagine doing it without God on my side. I just would not have the strength, motivation, energy, or determination to get through each day without my Savior to cling tightly onto.

Fibromyalgia affects every race, sex, size, age, and personality. It is an equal opportunity illness. It doesn't care, it just hits whoever it wants to. {In my opinion, as God allows and ordains it.} We have no choice in the matter, it finds us and changes our lives forever.

It's maddening to hear people blame my being overweight as the cause for the Fibro. In my sinfulness, I must admit I retreat back to my love for kickboxing and have to refrain from a slight desire to punch them when they say that.

In all seriousness, I know being overweight is a problem. I'm 33... I'm not stupid. I get that it's an issue. Trust me, I fight it every. stinking. day. And pretty soon, I'll share with you just what an impact it's had on my life.

Maybe then those people will be silenced. Maybe then they won't be so quick to judge and dismiss me. I have a lot to contribute to this world, and I'm not at all shy. I'll get in your face and say it proudly.


AudreyO said...

I have a friend who has suffered from Fibro for many years. She's been told it's because of her years of gardening work. I think we live in a society of blame and people look for a reason or a blame. See if they don't garden or if they aren't overweight then they believe they are "safe" from this disease. You and I both know it's not true, but their sub-conscious does not.

Carol said...

I had my own mom say that to me... aren't all fibromyalgia people fat? I quickly told her that we had thin, skinny, normal and heavier people in my support group. Weight doesn't cause fibro but the meds we take can affect weight. If only it was all that easy. What people don't realize is that because of Fibro we have a war going on within our heads each day. None of us want to be this way, that's for sure! Invisible illnesses are the worst as there are always those who question their authenticity. Good subject, Rochelle

Rachel Jones said...

Well said Rochelle and thanks for sharing.
I took a pic to show you but my camera and computer still aren't being friendly....Hopefully soon tho
Hope you are having a good day :)

Kimberly said...

Hi Rochelle,
I used to think that because I ate healthy and exercised a lot that I would be spared the same fate as my mom(fibro.) and my illness just goes to show that anyone can end up with fibro.! Being at a certain weight etc. does not mean you will be spared from certain illnesses. So sorry that you are feeling judged! Praying for you my friend.:)

Fibromommyx3 said...

Hi Rochelle, this has also been a thought of mine. I knew that it wasn't a cause, but wondered if it had any affect on my Fibro. I have been on my own weight loss mission for the last 9 months. And in some ways I "feel" better, but has it made the fibro better? NO!!!! People say to me "oh you must feel so much better now" and I just agree and say "so much better" because they just don't understand. If I were a normal person who has lost almost 45 pounds I would feel a tremendous amount of difference. But I'm not normal, I have Fibro.

You need to get healthy and lose weight for your own reasons. And we all hit that point in our life when the determination to do it is so strong we kick it into gear. But do not let anyone tell you that it is causing your Fibro. I know first hand and there is absolutely no connection.