Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Things I Like Tuesday

I'm so excited to share this post, while I'm feeling better and finally back at work! I have to share my favorites from my Christmas gifts this year. It's hard to choose, so I put them in groups so you could see them all! :)

1. I like unexpected little surprises that put my brain or crafting skills to the test.

2. I like Tim's family's fun grab gift craziness - which often results in us getting something that ends up in the trash or an attempted re-gift ;) - but this year we really like what we got!

3. I like gifts that will help inspire me or make me laugh all through the year.

4. I like gifts that I can use for baking or cooking in some way.

5. I like gifts that make me read, sweat, or look good.

(Ha ha - I had no idea what to make this category!)

6. I like gifts that will help me lose weight this year (and yes, these were on my list!).

Hope you enjoyed this Tuesday, and a glance at some of the fun stuff I got this year! :)

If you're in my family and want to get a head start on what to get me next year, keep tabs with me on my wish list by going to the sidebar to the right, scrolling toward the bottom, and clicking on My Amazon Wish List.

Hope you all had a great Christmas, full of fun and blessings, and have a great Tuesday!

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