Thursday, February 19, 2009

Am I Really Sick Again? Can This Be Right?!?!

I woke up at 4:30 a.m. today coughing and sneezing... awake for nearly an hour just begging God that I wasn't sick and it was just a fluke. I cannot be sick again!

This has really been the worst winter for me. I cannot believe it! Please pray for me. I'll share more details later as I know more. For now, I'm fighting it with everything that is in me... using Zicam (cold remedy to take at the first sign of a cold), Zinc pills, Vitamin C defense lozenges, guzzling OJ, taking my multi-vitamin, etc. Tonight I'm washing our sheets and spraying the whole house with as much Lysol as I can manage without gagging. It should be interesting.

Spring... oh Spring... where art thou?

I’m also in tremendous amounts of pain right now, and beyond exhausted/fatigued. Which I'm sure adds to me getting sick yet again! I’ve been having really bad headaches lately, lots of pain radiating throughout various parts of my body, and I’m struggling every morning to even crawl out of bed and make it in to work.

I’m also feeling annoyed that my Fibro Fog keeps rearing its ugly head. I hate that details slip more often and it is so frustrating!! But each day, I’m working hard to learn more about this horrible illness, and also to be more thankful for it.

I've been meaning to share these below links with you for a while now, but I keep neglecting to. I thought adding a bit of inspiration and happiness to this otherwise negative post would be nice. So, enjoy!

*The colors have nothing to do with it... blogger just isn't letting me change them... grrr*

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Vikki G said...

my heart goes out to you~ As I am also in a flare...I completely understand~ Please take heart and get plenty of rest as I have found that this is the only thing that really does work.