Monday, February 2, 2009

Love Is In the Air

January is gone... the Super Bowl is done... the Groundhog saw its shadow...

... and now love is definitely in the air. Valentine's Day is a mere 12 days away. It's coming quickly! I hope you're ready... I'm sure not.

Being sick definitely has its issues. It's making it a bit tougher to keep up with everything going on, and especially to get things done in advance.

This time instead of linking to other blogs, I'm linking to some of my favorite catalogs and online stores.

Family Christian Stores - first and foremost for me is practically anything you can find at a Christian store; unfortunately a lot of them have been closing but this is one near us that has remained steady... love it! Definitely consider getting the Fireproof movie for a loved one!
Zale's - I can't help it; I am a sucker for jewelry
Godiva - ahhhh, chocolate - my favorite floral website
Current Catalog Valentine's Specials - I love this catalog and have never had a problem ordering from them!
Miles Kimball Fun Valentine Products - such neat stuff
Lillian Vernon Valentine's Day Gift Ideas - they have such great products, especially for kids
Shutterfly - my favorite photo-printing website, but hurry their big sale ends today!
Hershey's - if Godiva is too much for you, this is another great one
Personalized M&M's - love these; yeah, more chocolate!
Kohl's Valentine's Gifts - I'm in love with this store

Get 'em while they're hot!

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