Saturday, February 21, 2009

Best Friends... er, Sisters... er, Buds...??

The pain is excruciating today.........

Do you all have friends that aren't just your best friends, they're like your sister? Do you have friends that mean more to you than you could ever imagine possible?

I'm very blessed to have so many friends.
But one always stands out above the rest.
My best friend... my sister (of the unbiological kind; I don't have any actual sisters)... Tracie.

Tracie is amazing. She's so sweet, we've known each other since middle school (many moons ago now!), we read each other so well, she's always there for me, we're literally like family, she knows how I think and what I need to hear, she's so smart, fun, and delightful to be around, and she works harder than most people I know. I call her my best friend, but I know she doesn't like that term.

We've started referring to each other more like sisters lately. It's so hard to put a label on it. I have several close friends, many of them what I'd call best friends, but Tracie really is the bestest of all (please understand that I always mean beyond God and my husband whenever I say this... I just kind of feel that goes without saying... my best human relationship outside of my marriage, with a female... that's Tracie... does that make sense?).

How do you describe that relationship?
Do you hate the term best friend or do you use it?
My sister-in-law calls it "best bud".
I know some who just say the shortened version of BFF (best friends forever).
Some really do call each other sisters.
What do you call it?
It's hard isn't it?

Needless to say... I'm missing my best friend/sister/what not... Tracie a whole bunch right now. She's going through some difficult stuff and my heart longs to be near her. She's about 5 1/2 hours away in my hometown... also where my brother and his family now lives, and where my mom is. Wow, it's soooo hard not to be there too!

But that's okay... this is where I'm supposed to be at least for now.
I wanted to leave you with some fun pics of me & Tracie.
Isn't she such a doll?!?! I love her so much.

At my mom's wedding, April 2008, taken by my mom.

At a nearby park when Tracie visited for my 30th birthday, June 2008. Taken by hubby.

At Tracie's house in September 2008, when we spent the weekend with them. Taken by hubby.

I hope you are having a great Saturday! Mine has been good in the sense of going to niece's basketball games, shopping at Cabela's, and grabbing some Chinese for lunch... but after eating lunch is when my severe pain flareup appeared.

It's been a tough week pain-wise, but today's flareup was the worst... with intense radiating pain in my lower right back (I know... I know what this could mean... but I'm still hoping it's just fibro pain!!)... we'll see... I'm taking Ibuprofen and using a heating pad... please pray that it subsides soon. There was only one point I thought the pain was so bad I might pass out!

Be blessed today - as always, thanks for reading! I could use some encouragement so if you have a chance to post a comment, I'll love you forever. ;) And please let me know what you call your closest friend and how you handle that.


Vikki G said...

praying for you! Thanks so much for your encouraging words...Can't tell you enough what it meant! I hope that the Lord eases your pain~ I know how much it hurts and how it can bring you down...Rest in the Lord know that He cares and that whatever we are going through He is there.

Future of Hope said...

Thinking about you today, and your pictures of spring almost make me want to start a countdown to spring calendar!!!!!

About the friend thing . . . that is a tough one; but no matter what endearment you give them, those relationships are precious gifts from God, and I too am thankful for those precious friendships.

momtofive07 said...

I have a Tracie, her name is Robin and I just call her my girl, or my Rob. I don't know what I would do without her and love her like my sister.

Hang in there with the rest of it.

Love you,