Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Bowl Sunday

When I woke up this morning, I was excited that Super Bowl Sunday was finally here!

Now, with just a few minutes left, I'm bored senseless. I think I might just go looney. And my cold has turned from me feeling great/better yesterday, to feeling weak, having a nasty cough, and a horrible sore throat today.

I know this too shall pass, but I have to admit to being really tired of getting sick. I know people have it worse, but right now it's hard to see beyond my current circumstances. I'm exhausted, in horrible pain, sick of being sick, and coughing a lot... again...

Back to the Super Bowl... I'm not sure why I always manage to buy way too much food, cook way too much, exhaust myself, and by the end we don't even eat half of what I did. I love my hubby dearly and always want to please him with special occasions. I wanted to badly to please him, and I know I did, but now I'm mad at myself for pushing way too hard.

I'm exhausted, fatigued, and screaming in pain. I'm sick, can barely keep my head up, and am coughing even more now that I'm so exhausted. Why do I do this? I'm learning my limits in so many other ways but I have yet to learn how to do this right. How to cook stuff and make sure hubby is happy, while not overdoing it. I hope to master this one day.

In the meantime, anyone want some extra food? Just kidding... I'll take it to work tomorrow. I have no doubt it'll get eaten.

I always look forward to the Super Bowl commercials, but this year it's been pretty measley. The best commercials have been TV and movie related, Cheetos, Doritos, E-Trade, and Budweiser. But that's about it. Not anything that really stands out to me this year. That's sad.

And I'm rooting for the Cardinals, who haven't been doing so hot.

And I'm so exhausted I'm having trouble keeping my eyes open.

Oh well... time to suck it up, and share some overdue pictures with you from last weekend's Indiana visit. It's hard to pick my favorites (we took 180 pics), but I'll try to share just a few here so this blog doesn't get bogged down with an overload of pics....

Cayley getting her breathing treatments for her bad cough/cold
Aw, such sweet sisters... on the way to church
Hanging out with college friends we haven't seen in forever
What a bunch of awesome ladies
Playing horseback
Cayley was loving walking around in my slippers
Goofing off
Ahhh the tickle monster!!!
Tim & Cayley
Tim & Olivia
The girls helping me pack ~ they were great... uh... most of the time
One last shot of me and the girls before we have to leave
My brother's family - final shot in front of their house... they move in less than a week
One last shot of us in front of the house with the girls
It was a great weekend! We'll see them all again next weekend helping unload at the new house, and seeing my mom's dog one last time before she dies (stomach cancer). It'll be an interesting and tiring weekend. Please pray that I'll be healthy by then!!

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