Friday, January 30, 2009

Fabulous Friday

It truly is a Fabulous Friday!!

Despite my cold, I'm in much better spirits today. God is good, I'm excited about my brother's upcoming move and new pastoral job, I am so blessed, I'm so excited about our church and a great meeting we had last night with the ministry we serve with, and it's Friday!!!

So join me now as we look toward February and the wonderful holiday coming up on the 14th... Valentine's Day!

There are so many things I love about Valentine's Day, but especially now that I have a sweetheart, the love of my life. I used to hate Valentine's Day... especially in college before I had a significant other. I hated it.

I mean, really hated it.

But now, I love it.

It took Tim & I a while to master the art of card giving, but we finally figured it out. I used to buy serious cards for him because that's what I liked, and he used to buy funny cards for me because that's what he liked. Well, duh... you see a pattern there? So now we finally do it right... I get funny cards for him, and he gets serious cards for me. Occasionally we break the pattern when one of us sees a card we just can't resist, but overall we're doing much better at this.

We do all of the normal stuff... give cards, he buys me roses, we go out that night for dinner, etc. A couple years ago though, we decided to change it up a bit and go out the night before or after, since restaurants are soooo crowded the day of. I'm not sure what we'll do yet this year, but I'm excited thinking about the possibilities.

Last year we were stuck in horrible traffic because of a bad accident, and instead of spending our evening at our traditional V Day (or day before or after) restaurant--Outback Steakhouse--we spent it in the car for an extra hour, and then finally gave in and stopped at Red Robin. The street around Outback had been entirely closed off and we had no chance of ever getting there. It was disappointing, but we'll try again this year!

I simply love Outback and our tradition of going there. Because of the prices, we don't go there but once a year. And often now, someone in our family gives us a gift card for Christmas to use on V Day.

This year I'm guessing we may go on Friday night after work (the 13th) instead of the 14th, but I'm not sure. We have to call ahead otherwise we can get stuck in 1-2 hours of waiting which is just awful.

I decided this year I also wanted to be more creative... so I've been wandering all the blogs, thinking up ideas, and seeing lots of other great ideas! So here come the links with some great stuff....

General V Day Ideas - one of my favorite people in the world, and I have the wonderful privilege of working with her... my sewing teacher, my dear friend, and she's super creative!! I just love her ideas.
Can't Buy Me Love - seriously, so great
Woven Hearts - love this!
Good Things Come in Small Packages - Cool idea of baking for your loved one, but I'd skip the nuts! ;)
Crochet Heart Garland - If only I could crochet!
Seeing Red - what a cute way to put your creative embroidery to the test!
Heart Lion - adorable kids idea
Valentine Scrapbook Projects - I adore every single one of these
Free Scrapbook Printables - very handy for the scrapbook lover
Valentine Home Decor - these are so great; it's tough to choose!
Love Birds - not my cup of tea, but maybe yours

Such great ideas!!

I can't say what I've got planned for this year cuz hubster reads this thing. :) So I'll let you know afterward.

What ideas have you got planned?

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