Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Things I Like Tuesday

Sorry this is way late!!

Cabela's store ~
I've never been a huge fan of this store, until one was built not far from our house. It's my brother's absolute favorite store. So I started going just to be able to call him from within and say "ha ha"... since he very rarely gets to actually go into a store. Since then, I've really started enjoying that store more and more. They have so many neat things in there... including a general store with some awesome homemade fudge, a large aquarium, glass elevators, fake animals everywhere, and a large restaurant where they serve interesting things like bison and quail. (Ewwww!) If you aren't familiar with these stores and have an interest in all things outdoorsy, check them out here.
Oh, and of course I had to purchase myself a t-shirt just to bug my brother a bit. :)

Pantene Pro-V Haircare Products ~
I especially love these new (or at least new to me) curl defining products.

Barq's Root Beer ~

All things that smell of Cucumber Melon.

Cupcakes from Costco ~
Recently purchased by a coworker for
another coworker's birthday...

Image credits:

All by me or my hubby Tim. Please do not reuse these pictures in any way without permission, especially those taken within the Cabela's store. We appreciate your cooperation. Thanks!

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