Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Things I Like Tuesday, on Wednesday

Things I Like Tuesday this week on Wednesday because I forgot yesterday and I still felt like doing it this week anyway. :)

1. Hubbies who surprise and delight us with moving beds in attempts to make us more comfortable and clean our clothes for us. Despite not knowing which shirts were stained with my pathetic eating attempts that always end in dribbling down my shirt (right in the middle of course, every time!), and despite not being able to predict the horrific week of sleep (or lack thereof) I've had from said bed-moving experience. He tried. That counts. I very much appreciate his kindness and thoughtfulness.

2. Pregnant friends and parties for them. (more pics to come!)

3. Getting to know marvelous people better. Who are moving to California in 2 1/2 weeks. Of course. I have good timing as always.

4. Plumbing issues. Siding issues. Neighbor issues. Door issues. Ah, the joys of home ownership.

5. New employees. Which will single-handedly take HUGE amounts of stress away from my job. Huge. So excited. Seriously can't explain what a relief this is.



Kayren, Pink Daisy Girl said...

I love fellow procrastinators, even if it was just because you forgot, and I loved reading your list.


Rochelle said...

Thanks Kayren! :) that's really nice to hear!