Monday, November 14, 2011

Plan a Fabulous Party {without losing your mind} E-Book Discount

I'm so excited.

I love blogging. I love friends I meet through blogging. I love publishing. I love working for a publisher. And I love technology which allows us the wonderful world of e-books!!

So without further ado... let me introduce you to my wonderful blogging friend Mary. She has launched her first e-book titled Plan a Fabulous Party {without losing your mind}!

I have my copy of it and cannot wait to get through it!!!!

But for now I couldn't wait to share a special discount with you. Through tomorrow 11/15/11, when you place an order here using code FABPARTY you'll receive $3.00 off the cost!

The only stipulation is that I hope you'll let Mary know you bought it, found out about it through me, and let her know what you think! {Please also come back and tell me too because I'm curious. :)}

As always, I'd also love to hear from you at rochellelearning at gmail dot com {spelled out that way to hopefully avoid more spam!}.

Enjoy friends, and party like never before!!


Mary @ Giving Up On Perfect said...

Rochelle, thank you so much for sharing about my book! I hope you and your readers love it!!

blueviolet said...

Your excitement is completely contagious!

Aliene said...

Rochelle, I guess my comment is on the previous blog. I am really not a party person but I am sure the book is good.
My question is: Does Elavil just help you to sleep or does it really help the pain? My primary doctor put me on it. 25mg then raised it to 50mg. I could not live with the drowsiness. So I got off it. When i went to a rheumotologist she told me the only thing it would do was to sleep. It had no effect on pain.
But I have heard several that has fibromyalgia say that they take it.

I am sensitive to medication and cannot find one that I can take for fibro. I have Ultram but it really does not help too much.
Any info on this will be appreciated. If you have time e-mailme at