Friday, September 11, 2009

Good Days/Bad Days & Fabulous Friday

It has been a roller coaster of a week.

Tuesday & Wednesday were hard days...taking care of hubster when he was sick, and dealing with my own severe pain issues and just feeling down in the dumps.

Yesterday was a GREAT day...more in a sec. Today, I woke up in pretty bad pain and am having a hard time walking fully on my right foot. It is acting as if it's on fire and as if the bones in my foot are gone and it's trying to flatten itself or something...or like someone removed my arch. Either way, it's excruciating!

So...yesterday. Where do I start? It was a great day. It was a I-want-to-do-this-day-again kind of days. And whether or not it caused a bit of my pain toward the end of yesterday or into today, I don't care right now. It was a great day. I wouldn't change it.

The day started with tests at my gym to determine my target heart rate, my zones, my VO2 rate, target calories, etc. I was there for 2 1/2 hours, despite that the tests themselves were less than 15 minutes each (2 tests). It was a lot of information, but I'm sooooo excited to now be equipped with information that will help get me toward my goal faster and more effectively! It was very interesting to have it done... for the first one I had to wear a strange mask, breathe only through my mouth, fast 12 hours the night before with no caffeine, no exercise the night before, sit in a comfy chair and recline, and just sit there for 15 minutes. You can't read, you can't move, you can't cross your legs, and you can't fall asleep. You just relax and sit there. And after a couple minutes, the sound of the machines is soothing and you start to get pretty relaxed. I thought it would be a horrible 15 minutes, but it was good actually! How often are we forced to slow down, concentrate on breathing, and relax without doing anything for 15 minutes?! I decided to be thankful for it and utilize my time there.

After that, I got a 10 minute break where I needed to go to the cafe to get some fuel, so I had a banana and a little skim milk. Then right back at it with test #2. Same as test 1 with the mask, but this time I was on an exercise bike for 10 minutes, going at different rates to see my oxygen levels, recovery rate, my threshold where I stop burning fat and utilizing oxygen therefore doing more harm than good, and so on. It was hard work, but thankfully only lasted 10 minutes! It's a lot of information so I don't remember it all, but I have all the paperwork. I'm very thankful to have more exact numbers and things to target!

Prior to the tests, my check engine light came on in my new (new to me) car. You've got to be kidding. The unceasingly and annoying check engine light on our previous car was part of why we were getting rid of it! Haha, Lord this has got to be a joke. I wasn't sure if I wanted to laugh or cry. But it worked to distract my thinking the rest of the way to the gym since I was so nervous! Turns out it might be something major like the catalytic converter. That is incredibly frustrating, less than 1 week after buying the car!!!! It's a perfectly wonderful car otherwise and I continue to be grateful for it. Just continues to teach us to be stretched, wait patiently on the Lord, and rely solely on Him. Thankfully, it should be covered under warranty, so we aren't worried, just annoyed.

After that I headed over to my dear friend Monica's house to catch up with her and the fam. Her 2 week and 2 day old baby is as sweet and cute and cuddly as can be!! I enjoyed nearly a full hour of holding him, snuggling with him, playing with him, talking to him, and getting pictures taken of him/with him. He's so precious!! I simply adore Monica & Brian, and it's so fun getting to watch them in this new phase of life. They've transitioned beautifully and are such terrific parents. Parker is an easy-going wonderful baby, at least so far. I pray the ease continues, and that mom & dad continue to get some much-needed rest. So far they've been able to get out and about quite easily, and are back into the regular swing of life almost seamlessly! They just amaze me. 'Course it helps a wee bit that Brian works from home and is able to help out during the day. Which I think just adds to the neatness of how things are working out for them. I couldn't be happier, and I look forward to many more days watching their little munchkin grow, and watching them grow and work together as godly parents. :) {pics below} after lots of fun and wonderful memories there, I scooted back over to work for my half day in the afternoon. Upon arriving, I found a wonderful e-mail from my aunt with some great news about a situation back home weighing heavily on my heart. I was so excited to get the news that I started balling right there. This isn't the right time to share or talk about it in detail, so just rejoice with me that some good things are happening. God knows what it is.

After work, I cleaned part of our living room, moved our recliner (i.e. scooted it to the doorway on the wood floors, don't worry, I didn't lift it!) so I could vaccum underneath, and paved the way for bringing home the new recliner we bought last weekend. Tim came home, hooked up the trailer, we drove the 15 min or so to the store, stood in line, waited, and waited some more, got the recliner loaded into the trailer (who knew it would come in a gigantic box?!?!), whisked to Arby's for some yummy food, got home, made some sad attempts at moving the old outside to the road (someone in our neighborhood pleaseeee take it!!) and get the new one in. The box was too big to get inside so we had to take it apart. Poor Tim had to work so hard, but I'm so thankful for his willingness and ability to take care of it, without too much help from me! I did what I could with opening the door, moving welcome mats, vacuuming around the area, and tearing the box back down. These are moments when I really hate my illness and wish so badly I could step up and help!! So...then our food was cold, tossed that in the micro quickly, and we sat down to eat dinner while watching some Friends reruns on TV.


And then I hardly slept a wink, ughhh. Good day, bad night, not fun today. And tonight I start my team class at my gym where we will all be working together to lose weight, work out with a trainer, meet with a nutritionist, etc. I'm on a month's free trial. We'll see how this goes!

Okay, so back to yesterday's fun lunch visit. Below are some pics I took. The first of course is mommy with baby. I played around with them in iPhoto and the first is in antique and with blurred edges.

This one is all-natural cuz it was too perfect to mess with.
This one is b/w.
This one is in Sepia and has blurred edges.

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