Friday, January 29, 2010

Fabulous Fibro Flare Friday

To those who've asked / want to know, I'm not entirely sure what caused this flare up. I think it's a combination of intensifying my workouts, stress, and lowering my pain medication. It'll be okay... I've had worse. Today was better {until my workout...more on that later}. I'm pushing through it though with the goal of getting back into my regular workout routine, ultimately benefiting my symptoms. I have to. I know I'll feel better with some weight off and I know I'll have more energy with the regular workouts. It's just hard right now after the holiday slump I hit but I have to get back in the game. Thanks for all your concern, prayers, and comments...they mean a lot!

Tonight's workout was crazy intense. I tell you what, our trainer often out of nowhere concocts some pretty insane workouts and tonight was one of the worst. He had us do something he made up called "climb the mountain". The inclines on the treadmill constantly got higher until we maxed out at 15%. The weights {dumbbells} kept increasing to 15 lbs. It was b.r.u.t.a.l.

And I'm in ridiculous crazy pain. Tomorrow will be interesting.

On another note:
I generally dislike this time of year with the freezing cold {right now it's a balmy 9° in Chicagoland} and crazy snow {I like snow just in small amounts}... but it's the perfect chance to look around and remind ourselves what we are thankful for and to focus on the positives. On that note {despite that I've shared this before I just have to share it again}, I wanted to show you one of my favorite views. On my way to work just after leaving my house, I go up a hill and then back down slightly. Between that little 'valley' on my right is a local country club that has a little ski hill {big enough for a ski lift but small enough that would make the hills in Michigan and Wisconsin laugh; and the mountains in Vermont, Colorado, and elsewhere just totally laugh hysterically}. On the days when the sun is rising just perfectly and they are making snow... the snow lifts up into the air making the sunrise even that much more gorgeous. This actually isn't the best picture, it's still a few minutes shy of when it's crazy pretty. But it's the best I've been able to capture on camera. I just find this view so delightful, and it reminds me of the positive and beautiful things in life.

I got to catch the most perfect view of it this morning... the sun was coming up in a clear blue sky, and was just at the perfect time with the winds hitting the snow making just right.

It was perfect bliss... even if only for a moment.

What's your favorite view that reminds you of God's love and grace, his beautiful creation, and reminds you to be thankful?

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