Friday, March 5, 2010

Pain Meds, Bubble Baths, and Set Schedules

I'm in a debate with myself about my pain meds {Amitriptyline}. A couple months ago my doctor and I decided I'd go down from 25 mg to 20 mg. I wasn't convinced it was really helping and I didn't want to be on any unnecessary meds.

After some time on the 20 mg, I decided it had been working but I'd been on it too long to even realize it anymore. But like a horrible procrastinator when it comes to sorting out prescriptions and issues with doctors... I waited until I had about a week left of that prescrip before calling my doc back to let her know how it was going. They sent in the prescrip to my mail-in pharmacy. For a couple days I had dropped the 20 mg to 10 just to spread it out and make it last. I crossed my fingers that it would arrive before I ran out completely.

It didn't.

In fact my mail-in pharmacy the day after running out still didn't even appear to have the prescrip. So on Tuesday when I was at home {had a day off for resting, getting stuff done at home}, I called the pharmacy and my doc. Got it sorted out. Got a 30 day supply sent to my local pharmacy {the mail-in one is just way cheaper and does a 3 month supply at once} so that I could have some right away.

Then I got super busy and didn't have time to pick it up right away. Needless to say, I've now been entirely off the medication without intending to for at least 5 days now. Or so. I've lost track of time.

I picked up the prescrip yesterday at the local pharmacy. And on a whim, I didn't take it last night. I've actually been feeling pretty good. Certain side effects have gone away. I'm not feeling too badly.

But I know that could just be a phase. Yet, I'm loving it. I know I shouldn't do this without my doc's recommendation {and I definitely don't advise anyone else following suit; this just kind of happened}. But I can't seem to help it. I don't want to be on that med unless absolutely necessary. And now I'm not sure it's necessary. But if I'll change my mind in a week, I want to have already been back on it so my body doesn't totally readjust to life without it.

Ughhh. Any thoughts?


Despite the extra work it takes to draw a bubble bath up for myself, I do have to admit I really love them. I had one on Tuesday on my day off, and it was absolutely wonderful. I felt refreshed and like every part of my body released the pain it had been holding onto.


I am finding that the more I really stick to a set schedule, the better I feel. If I have set days and times I'm working out, set times I go to bed, set times I get up, and I stick to all of that without fail... I feel a lot better!!

Now, to sticking to it. :)

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