Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Things I Like Tuesday

1. I like Pampered Chef parties!!! Yay! This one was especially fun {okay, so it was actually the first one I'd ever been to, but was made better by...} because it was hosted by my coworker, the consultant is a friend of mine I serve together with at church and is the sister-in-law of my coworker, the consultant's manager who was there because she was just getting started is also a friend from church, and another coworker attended it as well...such a small, but fun world! :) I will hopefully be hosting my own one of these sometime soon.

2. I like new office construction. We are quickly running out of space in our facility, so in our old storage area {which took some time to clean out!...we found stuff from the 80s!!} they are building a new area for 7 designers, a photo/video studio, and upstairs men's & women's bathrooms! Woohoo! Although, I have to admit I will really miss the designers when they move out there. They are quite frankly the best entertainment and keep us all laughing during our workdays {trust me, we work HARD but know when to laugh and relax a little to relieve the stress}. It's going to be spooky quiet when they move out to this new section {separated from us by double doors}, but it'll be better space for them and it'll free up some space out by us for others to move into. {Below, picture 1: cleaning up the storage a couple months ago; picture 2: construction a couple weeks ago.}

3. I like babysitting my nieces and nephew. Their mama just had surgery and wasn't feeling quite up to par. I helped out and on this occasion, it became especially useful as their older sister sprained her ankle at a basketball game so mama and grandma took her to the hospital. I stayed with 9 yr old Hayley, 21 month old Natalie, and 4 month old Ashdyn. It was exhausting but soooo wonderful!

4. I like watching my dear friend interact with her baby. Here they are checking out one of his favorite books. I absolutely adore this picture...Parker loves the silly monkey page. :) I like watching Brian & Monica interact with each other. They are the sweetest, most romantic, cuddliest, funniest couple ever. Here they are heading out on their date. Seriously, could they be any cuter? Love these guys! {My apologies for the bright flash. They aren't quite that white!}

5. I like taking odd-ball pictures now that I have a phone that allows me to do so. Here's a pic of my car turning from 29,999 miles to 30,000 miles.

Happy Tuesday!

*most pics taken by me with my cell phone...sorry for the blurriness*

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Lynda Young said...

My favourite is your "odd-ball pictures"... It's something I'd do. lol.