Sunday, May 16, 2010

"Chuck" Lovers Unite

I am seriously obsessed with the show Chuck. It's kind of like its own little league now. Chuck followers. We are so obsessed with our show, we know how to help fight for it to keep a 3rd season... and now, this just in officially... a 4th season as well.

Woot, woot!!!! :)

I am crazy excited. Only 13 episodes so far ordered by NBC, but whatever, we'll take what we can get to keep seeing our favorite TV couple, Chuck and Sarah.

Bless you, NBC. We loveeee Chuck!!

Admittedly, I'm also excited to keep seeing the wonderful acting skills and adorable face of Zachary Levi, who plays Chuck. He's crazy talented, and a good Christian guy to boot!

Wait, you aren't watching? Tsk, tsk, you are missing out. I mean, come on, there's not more to life than television, is there?

Oh, there is? 

Well, trust me, Chuck is totally worth it.

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Lynda Young said...

Oh my gosh!! I love 'chuck' as well!!! It's great fun!