Sunday, June 27, 2010


* I'm a year older today {well by the time I post this it's now yesterday technically}
* Not at all convinced I'm any wiser
* Was sad to not hear my mom's voice at any point during the day {she's on a missions trip in a remote part of Alaska}
* Was delighted by the lovely comments left for me on Facebook by a wide array of friends
* Was blessed with love and care by hubster
* Had a delightful time with friends at lunch and amazing time with friend Monica getting a relaxing pedicure
* Phenomenal preaching at church tonight and prayers given over people dealing with physical ailments, people laying hands on me and praying over me meant A TON to me and left a huge impact!
* But really, I don't feel any different. I had to think hard to even remember it was my 32nd birthday!
* Found that the sayings that time flies by and that birthdays mean less as you get older really are true!!
* Tired, sore, no energy left, adrenaline worn off, ate too much bad stuff, sunburt, and Fibro freaking out after vaca make me look that much more forward to a day completely at home tomorrow {Sunday} resting and recovering! Yay.


DebV said...

Happy Birthday Rochelle! May all your birthday wishes come true. Your toes are the flowers.

Carol said...

Happy late wishes for your birthday. It sounds like you had a wonderful time and your toes look so pretty.

Lynda Young said...

Happy Happy birthday to you!!!!