Saturday, November 14, 2009

Caffeine/Soda Free Attempt Day #1

My nutritionist has been on me for 2 months now to get soda out of my diet.

I'm ridiculously picky and easily very bored with water. I've gone off caffeine 3 other times in my life, and always ultimately drink it again. {Meaning, I drink soda, mainly regular Pepsi, again. Coffee and tea are both disgusting and I hate diet soda... I mean would you really chug down some syrup all by itself? That's what diet seems like to me. Eww.}

Yes, I've tried calorie-free flavored waters. I've found one {yes, just one} that is pretty good but still not exciting. I also love the G2 {gatorade} that is just 70 cal and 17 g sugar per bottle. That's much better than soda but more than water, of course. My nutritionist wants me on just water. Blah, how boring! I just like soda. But I can't do it in moderation. It seems to be an all or nothing thing for me... sad. Needless to say, I can't completely go from soda to just plain water overnight, so I am allowing myself things like the G2, maybe a Sprite (caffeine free), etc.

Today is my first day on this new journey... I am trying without caffeinated soda and without chocolate. I'm afraid that doing it cold turkey is the only way I'm going to be able to do it. So I have Ibuprofen at hand, hubster prepped for my grumpiness, and since I normally have caffeine first thing in the morning and it's now just after 5 p.m., I'm surprised my head doesn't fully feel like it's going to explode.

Here's to a newly caffeine-free me {hopefully}! And thereby, hopefully some weight loss to quickly come!


Josh and Jess said...

Strange... I absolutely hate soda and any other fizzy drinks, but I sure like my coffee! We're in the same boat though - my doctor is wanting me to get off the caffeine as well. Thus far I have ignored him...I'd be interested to see how you're getting on :)

blueviolet said...

I don't think I could go off soda cold turkey. The caffeine headaches are relentless!

Soft Hugs to All: Laurie D. said...

I know exactly how you feel about water. I just can't drink plain water, but like everyone else here, I was told to cut the caffeine and go to water. I drank coffee all day, and nothing else but coffee. I can't stand soda either. The caffeine headaches were horrible. When I had a bad headache I would drink about a 1/2 cup of coffee to get rid of the headache and it helped. I use "Crystal Lite" singles in my water now. I am totally addicted. Sugar free and caffeine free (except strawberry, that has caffeine). I usually drink hydration because it has electrolytes, but it is a bit sour for me so I add a pack of the new sugar substitute "Sun Crystals" they are good too. But my favorite is Cherry Pomegranate it has antioxidants. I add a pack to a bottle of water and I am good to go. They have so many flavors, you may find one you like.
Good luck with the headaches, I will keep you in my prayers.
Soft Hugs to You
Laurie D.

Soft Hugs to All: Laurie D. said...

I had to post another comment. I have been reading through your blogs, and we have so many similarities, that to me it is like I am reading about myself. I'm not very good at working my way around blog sites yet, I was wondering if it were possible and OK with you to contact one another in a different forum so I could discuss some things with you in more of a conversational forum to ask you some questions. Post on my blog if it is OK, and I will send you my e-mail somehow.
Laurie D.