Saturday, June 19, 2010

Movie Reviews

Latest movies in the theatre:

JUST WRIGHT - LOVED it! I think Queen Latifah is just such a phenomenal actress, and I love that they don't have some skinny minny playing the lead roles all the time. You go girl! She's gorgeous, terrific in this role, and funny as all get out. The one downfall is her friend-like-a-sister who plays a slutty character. Otherwise it's a very clean, good movie, but that girl needs to be wearing more modest clothing, just sayin'. It wasn't quite as funny as we'd expected, but was still funny. There were more sports in it than we'd expected so even hubby liked it! Good date movie, although it's going out of theatres now, but it'd still be a good one to rent.

- I thought it was good, but not great. I really don't like Mickey Rourke, he's hard to understand and a bit creepy, so I had a hard time watching him and understanding him. There were of course scenes I could have done without, too much clothing removed and use of Jesus' name in vain, which I think we often let slide way more than we should. Overall the story line was good and Robert Downey Jr annoys me less and less with each good movie he's in. Don Cheadle is always awesome! Good acting, lots of action, good romance, but still fell short for me... not entirely sure I can put my finger on it. Maybe it was because I'd completely forgotten what had happened in the 1st one, should have watched it again before going. I felt a bit lost not remembering the other one! Oh well, enjoyed time with hubby. :)

Recent rentals:

SHERLOCK HOLMES - I have never liked Robert Downey Jr as an actor. Until recently. I think he has really upped his skill level with Iron Man and Sherlock Holmes. Wow. He was sooo good as the eccentric Holmes, and his sidekick Watson, played by Jude Law, was also outstanding. All of the actors/actresses did a great job in this flick... a flick I wasn't excited about seeing at first but was told it was good so I had to. We saw it in the theatre first and we knew we'd have to rent it once it came out to help us go through the storyline again to figure out the twists and see what we missed. There was a lot I didn't get the first time, some I didn't still the second time, so I'm going to have to watch it yet once again! But it's good, so I don't mind.

VALENTINE'S DAY - this wasn't as horrible as people made it sound... if you're like me and you just want to get sucked into a cute, romantic comedy. It was a little confusing at times, but way less confusing than He's Just Not That Into You {which I hated}. But my main analyses are: Taylor Swift should stick to singing and Bradley Cooper should stick to playing a straight man. And the best laughs of the movie are the blooper reel at the very end.
    Spoiler alert: I did appreciate that they had the teen couple wait and not give into having sex. Not in the same way I think it should have been handled, but I like it when movies have their characters think instead of just do whatever they want, mindlessly fitting into our cultural bubble of do-whatever-you-want-whenever-you-want-and-get-away-with-it. So I was glad they treated this situation a little better than usual! However, having Bradley Cooper play a gay guy made me want to vomit. Really, must we choose all the hot guys to play gay guys? Why is this the trend? Meh.

LEAP YEAR - Yet another romantic comedy bashed by the big-time movie critics. But this sappy gal loved it. Well, most of it. There were parts that I didn't like, parts that were so funny it was quite surprising, and too many thick Irish accents that were annoyingly hard to understand but also just as lovely for this easily-delighted-by-in-love-with-the-Irish. I am a good part Irish and my dream vacation is to someday go to Ireland, so this was fabulous in that way too. Of course it's one you can basically figure out the ending to from the get go {so I didn't bother to bore hubster with it}, and it is a little odd at times, but that's also what makes it stand out amongst the crowd.

WHEN IN ROME - I still can't figure out how I feel about this movie. It's good, but it's corny. It's hilarious. But weird. Romantic but... odd. Interesting concepts. Two good lead roles. Josh Duhamel does a great job with the physical, clumsy comedy of errors. There was a lot of me smacking my hand over my mouth in hilarious surprise and nearly falling off the couch.

What movies have you seen lately?

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Mary @ Giving Up On Perfect said...

It's good to hear that about Iron Man 2. I really loved the first one, but wasn't sure how the sequel would be. And I really enjoyed When in Rome, even with the silliness and weirdness!