Sunday, August 22, 2010

What Craziness

I've been working on this post here and there over the past week or so, but it's been a little overwhelming to even try to catch up. Keep in mind that I wrote this prior to this current weekend, so hopefully that helps with the wording. I want to get this posted but I don't have time to rework all the wording. Thanks for understanding!

What a month it's been! I feel like my head is spinning with no end in sight. I've been running, running, running. Sometimes it feels great to be so busy. Other times I think I must have lost my mind.

See, I'm really thankful to have more energy than I used to. I'm happy to be able to do more things than I could even a year ago.

But now I'm totally unsure of where to draw the line. What is too much? When have I overdone it? When am I going to see a flare-up?

I was surprised two weekends ago when I got back from traveling on my own that I didn't immediately go into a flare-up. I was surprised week before last when I made it through the week, with enough energy to spare that I didn't need to rest Friday or Saturday.

And then there was last Sunday. When all of a sudden my crazy world came crashing down around me into a screeching halt. I thought a severe flare-up hit.

While it was bad, lasting into last Monday, it wasn't the worst and it didn't linger. I'm sooo thankful in moments like that for such a caring, gracious, sacrificial husband who helps me around...doing things for me I truly thought he'd never have to do until we were 80.

Last weekend was a lot of fun, although really busy. I finally have a chance to share some of the pictures with you!

Friend Jenni & I at her birthday party at a piano bar--somewhere I'd never been before in my life and quite enjoyed! {I don't drink, but it was a fun experience!} Jenni is one of my in-real-life Fibro friends and I just love hanging out with her any chance I get!

Saturday morning I went to the gym and joined that 90-day weight loss challenge I told you about {where I weighed in and got a 'before' picture taken}. There was a really good turn out, and I was really excited once there! Every single booth I went to had a trainer or nutritionist I knew. It was really encouraging to realize how much of a team I've already built up there. They are all so great! I also found an accountability partner whom I've been texting with and we're helping keep each other motivated as well.
Here's my member advisor {Sean}, doing his thing {white shirt}!
Here's my awesome trainer {Ray}, doing his thing {black shirt}!
Here's my dietician {Jessica}, doing her thing {white shirt}!

 After I was done at the challenge kick-off, I started to drive away and saw a group doing a car wash in the back part of the parking lot. So I decided to stop and have them give it a whirl. The one girl is going to Africa next year on a building/humanities trip and she was raising money for it. It was really fun talking to them and letting them wash my car. We did this all the time in our youth group growing up, so I enjoyed watching them interact as they washed my car. :) 

Saturday afternoon we had a baby shower for Tim's youngest sister Kandy {middle}. It was enjoyable and we are really happy for her & her hubby Bonga.

Last week was pretty busy, and then this weekend hit. Friday, as you know, was our company picnic. For several years I was the organizer of it, so the past couple years when I haven't had to plan it have been delightful!! It was incredibly enjoyable, despite the miserable heat!
Our company + immediate family = 150 people
My lovely friend Katie who stepped up to the plate when they asked for a girl to join them in the pie-eating contest. And she did fabulous!!!
Me attempting to play some soccer.
We had a competition between the 1st and 2nd floors... hence the soccer field was the most chaotic we'd ever seen it! Despite the craziness & extreme heat, it was insanely fun!!!!
And somehow I still had a little left in me for some volleyball!
Saturday we helped our friends Brian & Monica with painting their basement, and I also helped by babysitting Parker for a few hours so Monica could paint. It was a LOT of fun!!! But wow, we were sore the next day! We forgot how much that can affect you. Oh well, totally worth it.

Sunday we had a volunteer BBQ at one of our church campuses about an hour from here. It was also a ton of fun! I played a little softball and frisbee, and relaxed in the shade. It was thankfully cooler/not as humid than it had been on Friday so we were quite happy about that!

I was really thankful to be able to do so much!

But then... Monday morning was a total wake up call. I was sooo sick. I couldn't move a muscle when my alarm went off. My body was completely useless. I'm so thankful it only lasted one full day! I was in a bit of a funk all week, but then so were a few others I talked to. I don't know if it was something in the air or what. Our workplace is undergoing some serious remodeling as a result of last month's flooding... I'm not sure if that contributed to how I was feeling much of the week, if I was adjusting to the roller-coaster ride of humidity, or if it's just some of the things my body has been dealing with anyway. Whatever it is, I think the funk is gone, which some good friends really helped with Thurs & Fri! And this current weekend now I've been really relaxed which has been terrific! I'm finally getting replenished! 

....Sometimes I feel like I'm trying to figure myself out all over again. What can this new me do? What can I push myself to do as a part of living a more active lifestyle, all the while being aware of my limitations and making sure to not push myself over my Fibro wall? I'm still sorting through all of that. I have no idea. Every time I think I have this figured out, it changes. But it's changing for the good, so I'm not complaining...just unsure.

I hope I figure it out soon before the Fibro gets the best of my new lifestyle.


Missy Schranz said...

Sounds like you have one busy weekend! I loved the pictures. Thanks for sharing...and hopefully the flare-up will be no more!!

Sydney said...

It sounds that you had a fabulous time! And never forget that God's hand is in the midst of all things, even when we don't understand it :)