Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Fibro Wall

I had a phenomenal weekend. It was fun, delightful, crazy, challenging, exhilarating, and exhausting.

But I hit my Fibro brick wall. The wall where you just know you have to lay down or you could collapse, die, or push yourself past a brink no one with Fibro should ever go. I hit it last night about 10 p.m. The Chicago Blackhawks had just won their 2nd game of the Stanley Cup finals and hubster was super excited! I wanted to be excited, but I had nothing left in me to give. I barely gave him a high five and muttered my exhaustion, before starting to get ready for bed, prepping lunches for the next day, etc. I should have done all that before laying on the couch to watch the last half hour or so of the game. Instead, I pushed too hard.

Then I had to push past my exhaustion to do more things and then I regretted it big time! So despite needing sleep desperately, I was in and out of fits of sleep for 2 hours. I was in sooo much pain and fatigue at that point that sleep even seemed pointless to help.

I'm thankful that Tim is acclimating to my use of the term "Fibro wall" or "I've hit my wall", because he knows there's no choice but to run help me, or make me go lay down. 

Do you other chronically ill people out there know what I mean? What do you refer to it as?

Today I definitely regret having pushed so hard after hitting my wall last night. But I don't regret what I did this weekend. Overall did I push too hard? I'm not sure. I enjoyed everything I did. As I was doing it I wasn't having to focus on my body shutting down or freaking out. Nothing I did was stressful and was all pretty relaxing...it was just a lot of go-go-go with no real rest. I think I did pretty well; I just think by the end of it all, as the adrenaline wore off, so did my energy and thereby quickly-hitting-the-wall effect hit hard and fast.

How was your holiday weekend? Or just weekend in general for those not in the U.S. celebrating Memorial Day?


Denise @ Sunflowers, Chocolate and Little Boys said...

Me and the FibroWall are on a first-name basis. I push myself to that point and beyond WAY more than I should, then suffer afterwards for days. That feeling when u get to that point is nearly indescibable....I think thats why my Hubby doesnt "get it".

I hope you recover from your busy weekend quickly! HUGS!!!

Patrina said...

I haven't been labeled as Fibro but the symptoms seem to fit.... even the "fibro wall" . Sound like a good description to me. exhaustion to the point of collapse. Yes!

Hope you feel better soon...

God bless
Patrina <")>><

The Queen and the Pea said...

I think the term "Fibro wall" is an accurate description. I hit mine big time this weekend. We had a 30 degree temperature drop which resulted in rain and snow. That combined with doing to much and attending a stressful but unavoidable event has sent me to the couch for the past 2 days. I'm thankful that my husband and kids get it. My extended family only infuriate me with their attempts to cure me.

Hope you recover soon Rochelle.

Carol said...

Did you see my name on that Fibro wall, Rochelle? It seems like I've hit it so often the past few months that I've probably dented it up.. We forget the golden rule for Fibro, PACE and there we go, hitting it once again. Hope you feel better soon... Hugs

Tonya said...

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Sherrie Sisk (The Tramadol Diaries) said...

Ugh, I feel you, hon.

As you posted on my blog post about this very topic (also called "The Wall" - which we did NOT plan, I swear, but ain't that a kick?) it's all about relearning our bodies and the little signals they give out. In my case, my wall was precipitated by monumental mental stress and exacerbated by the physical stress of getting ready to move (laundry, cleaning, packing) - oh, and also dyeing my hair (what?! Hey, it ain't easy leaning over that tub for half an hour rinsing the crap out!).

It was so striking to me, though, the "nothingness" that resulted. Usually I can talk myself out of it or around it, but Friday night? Nah, nothing doing. Literally. NOTHING doing.