Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Story of a Mouse

There once was a mouse

that found itself in my Grandpa's basement

had my brother and cousin-in-law chasing it down with two napkins and some chuckles

and me laughing and grabbing my camera

while the kiddos were running and hiding.

Mike {cousin-in-law} tossed it outside but it apparently didn't go very far. Mom found it while raking leaves a bit later.

So long dear mouse. Thank you for the entertainment.


Kimberly said...

That is so funny! We don't typically get mice because we have cats, but I have had them in other houses and I can't stand them!! I would be running and hiding with the kids:)

blueviolet said...

Oh gross!!!! I can't stand when a mouse gets in!

Amy @ Finer Things said...

Oh. My. Word. that story could have been written by me about my silly family except that I would be stranded on the top of a table while it was running around! ICK. :)