Saturday, November 13, 2010

Stream of Thoughts

It's chilly and rainy outside. A perfect November day. A busy week of work but it was also great. I am very happy and blessed to be working on so many wonderful projects. I'm covering for a couple different people, so it's been a wee bit insane, but I love it all. I just ate a handful of Bugles left over from our recent trip away. I love gas station snacks. Stuff I don't otherwise buy unless on a road trip. Currently watching I Love Trouble {with Nick Nolte & Julia Roberts} on TV. Older movie that I enjoy but haven't seen in a while. Really enjoyed the episode of Blue Bloods on CBS last night. Good stuff. Looking forward to my dad's arrival, which should be in the next half hour or so. Doing a poor job of getting through my reading list. Still on my first book. But enjoying my time in our Daniel Beth Moore Bible study so that and reading my Bible get my first priority. It's a really good, deep, impactful study. We got up earlier than usual today and cleaned our house despite dad ordering us not to do anything extra for him. But having guests gives extra motivation to clean, so we did because we were tired of the mess. Life gets away from us with 10-12 hours away from home a day, plus some. I can't decide where to take dad for lunch. After that he wants some help buying some clothes and shoes, which I'm happy to do. I have a million pictures to catch up on. I always feel behind. I'm having a ton of Fibro pain, with severe cramping/pulling in my left knee and ankle. My left leg has really been bothering me. But life goes on. Our front tree always turns colors later than most trees. It starts turning red at the top as the sun hits it over the top of our house for a while, then the rest of it starts slowing turning, and finally it all turns orange. Today it is suddenly a beautiful bright orange, and I love it! Too bad the leaves are falling off so quickly. When it turns like this I always wish it would stay that way for a while. Time to finish getting ready for dad's visit. Have a great day everyone!


Debbie Vermilyea said...

I enjoyed reading your post. You are always so happy and positive. Have a nice visit with your Dad and enjoy the shopping. Always fun spending someone elses $$ :D
Pace your self

Kimberly said...

I love Beth Moore Bible Studies! I did Daniel a while back and it was SO good! Hope you have a great visit with your dad:) Take care!

Missy Schranz said...
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