Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Last Week in Pictures


one of the funniest lunches I've had in a long time

laughed so hard we couldn't breathe

the picture of annemarie is so hilarious & cute but she hates it and threatened mean things if i post it *sigh*... so since tori's gone and no threats apply, here's the one of her...

and had a surprise first time visit to our offices by my sis-in-law and nephew

which totally made my week!


had a delightful lunch with monica & parker


another lunch with these hilarious gals - what a treat! 

annemarie's fortune. this explains her to a T.

a little afternoon fun with coworkers while their boss was away

just because

followed by a wonderful evening of prayer & study with my Bible study ladies


no pictures of it but a fun group lunch with my friends tori, tara, & abigail

then after work annemarie & i rubber banded tori's office for our official send-off 

tori became good friends with rubber bands during her time of working in our publishing office


a fun group lunch with my friends jill, sherah, tara, & tori

the downfall to friday was having to say goodbye....

on the left is tara. the editor who works from her home in SC and was just in the office for a couple of days.  on the right is tori, our part-time editorial intern who worked with us for the past month and a half. i adore them both. and miss them both already. *sigh*
me & my buddy
tori & abigail
i love these girls. they are a hoot. we are all 3 very sarcastic, so get us all together and the laughs quite literally never end.
did i mention i hate goodbyes?

i am thankful for the time i had with tori & tara. they are both such a blessing.

followed by an evening with brian, monica, & parker - what a great way to end a week!!

parker 'helping' me with the laundry :)
not understanding this phone picture taking of selves thing


an hour at the chiropractor

hanging out at my in-laws, catching up with Tim's mom, his brother Paul & his family, seeing some updates his brother made to his mom's house, and then having lunch with 3 of them

tim washed our cars, we went to church, hung out, relaxed...

and then i got sick

but i'm much better now, yay!

for the most part it was a great week!

hope you all enjoyed your time last week too!

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