Thursday, November 10, 2011


My brother was an excellent teacher and taught me how to play chess & checkers well when we were younger.

But it's been a very long time since I've really played chess intently. It was still really exciting on vacation to enter the lodge's great room and see a life-size chess board.

We messed around with the board a couple of times. But on Saturday morning after Tim & Jeremi {bro & sis-in-law} left quickly to get Joshua {6 mth old nephew} to the ER {where they found out he had croup}, Jerry {stepdad} & Tim {hubster} decided to give the girls a lesson on playing chess. It was a really neat way for them to learn how to play and the girls really enjoyed moving the pieces wherever they were told.

But, as can be expected, Jerry & Tim took the game seriously.

After a half an hour or so of play, and Tim & Olivia having gotten about 5 of Jerry & Cayley's pieces off the board, Cayley was begging to be able to move one of their pieces off. She didn't care about the game at this point, she just wanted an excuse to get rid of one of T & O's pieces!! Jerry was so intent and did not want to be beat, but finally about two rounds later Cayley got her wish and she was SO happy!

and they were not.

About 40 minutes into it the girls were fading fast, so I took pictures of them sitting around. Waiting.

They were not understanding all this strategy stuff.

And getting a bit loopey.

50 minutes in and mom & I were ready for it to be over too. Finally an hour later Tim directed Olivia on one more move and saying the words "check mate". We all sighed a huge sigh of relief.

It was enjoyable and a cool lesson for the girls, but one hour of the game was maybe a little over the top. But we're still glad we did it, and it was a nice end to the trip! After that it was time to pack up and leave.

The winners:


Sherah said...

Yay for chess! I have no patience with the game... but Marty loves it (and whomps me every time we play). I beat him once... and now refuse to play with him ever again, haha! I've never played with a life-size board, though. Looks like fun!

Rachel Jones said...

that's SO fun!! I've never seen a life-sized game like that!!