Thursday, April 16, 2009

Still Laughing

I'm still laughing many hours after realizing I did something incredibly stupid... and yet not so stupid when you think about "Fibro fog" which can be really frustrating and you feel like your brain is not functioning the same way it used to.

But alas, this is still funny....

After cleaning our cars last night out in the driveway, enjoying the nice weather, hubster & I then put the cars in the garage. As we went to play some basketball in the driveway, I put my keys in his open trunk, thinking surely we'd see them when we put the basketball away.

Didn't want to set them in the driveway where we'd trip on them... didn't want to leave them on the garage floor since we'd likely not see them... really thought we'd see them in the trunk when putting the bball away.

We did not. DOH!

So, yes, they're still in his trunk (1 hour away from here at work). The spare set... yup, in his car too because of my occasional tendency to lock my keys in my car (especially at the grocery store after work; I guess that only happened once but once is enough!). The third set is in the garage, where our keypad is busted and the only working remotes are either on our keychains or in our cars. The side door is too blocked to get it open far enough.

Wow, I managed to get in quite a pickle!!!!! Ach!

So, I had to cancel my doc appt and have to work from home.
*Although not totally complaining on that end.

At least I've given my coworkers & family a huge laugh for the day. Perhaps you as well ;) and yes, that's okay! I almost cried but then realized it was reallyyyyyy funny!!!!

I still feel really bad that I had to cancel the doc, and not be in the office for work. But, it turned out to be a really nice day, so I'm certainly not bummed about it!

Ohhhhhh I cannot believe I did that!!!! In retrospect it was really stupid... but at the time I thought it was smart. Now... not feeling so great about that decision!!

Any of you Fibro peeps do this too?
Come on now, don't lie... don't leave me alone here, please!!


Greeting Card Printing said...

Wow, that's something else haha :) Glad you were able to take the day to work at home, at least you get to relax. Thanks for sharing this!

~*~Amy~*~ said...

I do this ALL the time....NO LIE! Crazy Fibro Fog! Before I knew I had Fibro, I thought it was just from my 6 concussions...I am sure that is a contributing factor though!

Sarakastic said...

I do this too but my fibro fog is so bad that I can't remember my funny stories right now. At least you put the keys in a safe place.

Kayren, Pink Daisy Girl said...

I don't have fibro like you and I've probably done something like this before, or worse, so don't feel bad. But with my age I don't remember any of the funny stories.