Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Parker 1 Year Ago

As you know, without having my own kids to brag on, I have to spend some time here showing off the ones nearest to me who do have kids. Since children have been on my heart and mind a LOT lately, I couldn't help but spend some time tonight while dozing off in the recliner as I'm sooo exhausted from a crazy week at work looking at pictures of the kiddos I get to love on regularly! 

Given that I spend so much time over at my friends Monica & Brian's, you all have become very familiar with Parker, and now a bit with Nolan as well. 

Since Parker recently turned 2 1/2, I couldn't help but look back at pictures from a year ago and giggle. :) He's SO big now and has changed and grown so much and in so many ways!!

Here he is in March 2011...

About 2 weeks ago, March 2012...

{Don't you love how the sweater & him being inside last year versus no shirt and outside this year shows just how drastically different the weather has been here this year?!?!}

Love that kiddo!!!

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