Thursday, June 28, 2012

Prayers for Colorado - Updated

The fires in Colorado are on the minds of everyone {as are the storms doing a different kind of damage in Florida, but for now I want to focus on CO}.

(c) 2012, Tonia Meyer

It hits close to home for me because I have 4 cousins that live in various parts of the state.

My cousin Anais and her husband were evacuated from their home near Colorado Springs on Sunday night, but they were cleared to go back home today. Thankfully, they were safe, nothing of theirs was harmed, and their community is safe. But many others nearby haven't been so fortunate.

My cousin Russ and his fiance live near Denver and we have no idea how they are or how it has affected them. They are getting married in August, please pray that everything will be able to go along as planned.

My cousin Jesse lives near Fort Collins and is a firefighter. He's hanging in there and doing everything he can to help fight off those fires and keep people safe. He's amazing and I'm so proud of him!!

My cousin Mike and his fiance Dusty live near Longmont. They are getting married THIS SUNDAY!!! Unfortunately we won't be able to attend, and while it's hard not to be there, I admit I'd be totally freaking out right now if we were going! I am praying for the safety of everyone, that things will be able to still go through for the ceremony, and that Mike & Dusty will be able to just go with the flow and not let it get to them. It's stressful, but above all we want everyone to be safe!

Our friends Randy & Tonia live outside of Denver. The above picture was taken recently by Tonia on her cell phone a couple of suburbs away from where they are. For now, they appear to be safe.

Of course these are just a few that I can list that are personal to me. There are so many people affected - please pray for rain, for control of the fires, for safety and protection of life, and for there to be minimal damage! I've learned of so many people my cousins know personally who have had homes destroyed, pets lost or hurt, and just the evacuate/come home/maybe evacuate again/come home stuff is really emotionally draining. The fires are popping up seemingly everywhere and the weather has been unpredictable. Your prayers are really appreciated!!


Shortly after posting this, we had a thunderstorm with rain & hail hit our area. Oh man, if this was coming down on Colorado, I'm sure it would be a different scene and would come as quite a relief!

I know God orchestrates the weather, and despite that it doesn't make sense to us, we trust that he has a plan.

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Christina T said...

I hope that they get some rain soon. That is probably the only thing that will really slow down the fires. I am glad your family is safe. One of my coworkers has a sister in the Colorado Springs area but she is safe too thankfully.

We've had thunderstorms but no hail. I hope that didn't dent anything! I've never seen hail that big...