Monday, October 8, 2012

A Wedding Weekend

This was a full weekend as Tim was the videographer for my former coworker's wedding, and I was his assistant.

We really like Rebecca & Wes and were super happy to see them getting married, but we admit it was exhausting!

It's the first wedding Tim's recorded that I haven't been a coordinator at, so it was interesting for me! It was also his first four video camera shoot so it was no small feat. He's been editing the videos nearly non-stop today at home on his vacation day, and I've spent only a smidgen of time tonight going through the 300 or so pictures I took. My highlights for this blog ended up being 50 pictures. I'm going to narrow it down some more.

You're welcome.

More of a recap to come soon {though I know I say that sometimes and neglect to return to it, but I really do mean to try!}.

We had a good time and loved the perfectly beautiful Fall day!!!! We enjoyed getting all dolled up, working together as a team, and spending special moments in between the busy. There's nothing quite like a wedding to remind you of how blessed you are and how much your beloved truly means to you no matter what.

Or the best, most elaborate, self-written wedding vows to jog your memory back 12+ years to your own vows, and how deeply those vows are now engrained into your every day life.

So thankful.


Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell said...

I'm glad it kinda sparked something special between you two. :)

Rachel Jones said...

Great pics - glad it was a fun and special day!!