Friday, October 5, 2012

Finding Quiet in the Craze

I've been more determined than ever to find more quiet in the midst of the craziness of my life.

It's so easy for us to get caught up into a swirl of parties, get togethers with friends, family gatherings, celebrations, lunches, coffee dates, emails, texts, emails, text, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, taking pictures, chasing kids, hugs, play dates, weddings, funerals, having babies, travel, work work work, church, volunteer commitments, and on and on and on it goes.......

{not that those things are in themselves bad, they just pull our focus}

I would challenge you to take a moment today or in the next few days to just


Be still.

Be quiet.

Breathe deep. 

Look at your surroundings.

Praise God for all the blessings right in front of you. 

A roof over your head. A spouse. Your kids. Your roommate. Your friends. Your parents. Your siblings. Your coworkers. Your job. Your car. The food in your fridge and cabinets. The money in your bank account even if it's only $1. The lowering price of gas. The beautiful Fall trees. The sunny beach and palm trees. The rain. The ocean. A working lawnmower.

No matter where you are, no matter your life, there are things we can all thank God for each moment of every day.

But rarely do we find time to breathe deep and drink it all in.

Find that moment in your life to just be still and praise God!

I did this over lunch today - driving around, looking at the gorgeous Fall colors, no radio blaring and no friends along for the ride. Just me, God, and a road of pretty.

I didn't even take a single picture. {gasp!} 

Sometimes we just need even a few minutes to set aside the crazy, and enter into his presence. iPhone off to the side and not in our hands, trying to capture every passing moment. It's okay to not capture it. It's okay to just be still. 

Some days, it's the only thing that may keep you sane.

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