Thursday, November 8, 2012

Farewell Angie

One thing you should know about me at work is that I'm a "groupie" in multiple departments. I love my coworkers and their families fiercely, and it is not just in my own department.

Enter Exhibit A. In the middle of October {the 13th to be exact} I was invited to a marketing department farewell party to our publicist, Angie, at another marketing team member Lindsay's house. Angie's still working for us for a season off-site, but this was the end of her working with us day-in, day-out in the office in the exact same capacity that she'd been serving in.

It was a super-duper fun time, and while I was the only non-marketing team member there {others were invited who couldn't make it} they were really open and it wasn't awkward at all. I dearly love them all! Here are some highlights from the fun night:

Master chef/baker on the left, our Bible marketing manager Andrew's wife Laura with son Caleb, then Carson {Angie's hubby} & Angie - proudly holding the amazing peanut butter/chocolate spread in the shape of a C {for their last name}. This stuff was to die for. 

Andrew & Laura with adorable son Caleb

The incredible food spread

Hanging out

The already dearly missed Angie & Carson - 
but we are SO happy for them and this next endeavor with church planting!

Aww :)

Two of my favorite girls

I mean come on, what's not to love about this??

Both of these girls have majorly been there for me during tough times and have cried with me, prayed with me, laughed our guts out together, and shared more memories than I can count. Linds & I both really miss Ang but we know we'll see her again soon. Whew. :)

Such a fun group of people. No joke. None of us wanted to leave. I think I left about 12 or so and the last couple to leave was after 2 am. 

Hollee & Angie

More adorable Caleb

Our great marketing team! 
{minus Ben, Amy, and Ted who couldn't be there}

So thankful for these wonderful people and a chance to honor a couple of friends!

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