Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween 2012 *Edited to Add*

I left work early.

Opened up our curtains. Had our door open. Our light on.

Welcomed kids to come to our door despite that our house is out-of-the-way and thought by many (because of a large hill and tight corner at the bottom of that hill) to be a dead end street.

I was in my "I'm dying to see adorable kids in precious costumes, please send them to my house" kind of mood.

We had 1 kid come.

One, people.



So I killed time. Cleaned out my car. Enjoyed the lovely weather (low 50s/upper 40s but sunny and gorgeous in my opinion!). Did a review of my Bible study homework. Walked around our house to enjoy the remainder of our leaves.

This shows how boring our street was at about 5 pm in the midst of our 4-7 pm trick-or-treating hours.

In the middle of my agony, wishing I'd gone with my friends Brian & Monica who had invited me to go with them and the boys, my sister-in-law finally texted me a picture of my nieces & nephew in their costumes.

I seriously squealed and cried and stared and stared... and stared at the faces of 3 little ones who I love with every single ounce of my being.

I was so insanely delighted!!!!!!! My heart melted into a puddle. I looked at it several times throughout the rest of the night. And then spontaneously started planning a trip on the train to go see them next weekend. Just yearning too badly to be near them and hold them, so alas it'll be less than 24 hours, but I can't wait!!

Anyway, then it was time to head off to Bible study at church for a couple of hours. I'm so incredibly thankful for my women's marriage small group, these wonderful women, all that I'm learning, and all the ways we're able to relate, share, and grow in the Lord and as wives together!

As I was about to pull out of the parking lot, I got a text from Monica of Parker & Nolan in their costumes.

Ohmyword. I. was. dying.

Seriously - so stinking cute!!!

Then home to hubster and our latest TV addiction: Chicago Fire. Love.

So thankfully, I ended up enjoying my evening, despite the rough and slow start.

I saw tons of Facebook pics today of friends with their kids for Halloween, but I have to share a few of my good friends and their kiddos because they are just TOO cute!

Rachel and Lucy

Josiah, Sara, and Jacob

*Edited to add*

Elijah, Katie, and Levi

My college roommate's kids Dakota and Zach 

Here are Tim's niece & nephew with a group of their friends
Natalie is on the far left [with sucker] and Ashdyn is the 2nd from the right [with blue pumpkin]

I just cannot get enough of staring at all these sweet adorable faces and their great costumes!! I just love them all.

I hope you were all able to enjoy the kids in your lives and cherish the costumes as you used an excuse to celebrate and eat a little candy. ;)

Hope you all had a happy Halloween!

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Sarakastic said...

I only got one trick or treater as well, more candy for me!