Monday, September 1, 2014

What I'm Into :: August 2014

I'm not sure how I feel about Summer hitting an end this weekend. I've enjoyed much of it, except for the super hot days, and have tried my best to soak it in despite it being a whirlwind and blur of a Summer!

As I look toward Fall, my very favorite season, I'm excited but am also filled with a little dread. I've been loving the daylight hours and the chances to do things with Elijah outdoors. I'm not ready for bundling him back up in a coat or boots, especially as he's getting so much better at walking and will surely be running by then.

But in the meantime, let's talk about August and some good, enjoyable, non-children things. :)

What I've been up to this month...

Books I'm Reading:

The Shunning. Oh it is SOOO good!!! I've always loved learning about Amish culture, especially after my brother lived for nearly 10 years in an Amish area in Indiana. So intriguing. I cannot stop reading this book!

The Fault In Our Stars. Oh you guys, I am trying. But as much as everyone simply raves and raves about this book, I'm so. very. bored. I'm taking a break and will try to go back to this, I promise. But... ugh.

Loving the Little Years. Such a great book. Helping me to remember to focus on the good things of raising a little one. I know I need to stop feeling guilty about the hard days {after waiting sooo long for a baby, I often feel super guilty about telling anyone about a hard day because I really am so grateful to have my baby...}, and this book helps me stay level-headed about it all.

TV Shows I'm Watching:

I'm a big fan of the Summer shows. We've been watching America's Got Talent, Running Wild with Bear Grylls {I'm such a goober, I LOVE this show!!!!}, American Ninja Warrior, Franklin & Bash {I love their banter so much, love these lead actors together, but so far am not loving the changes to this show this year}, Food Fighters {at-home cooks competing against professional chefs for money with every-day people on the judging panel}, Penn & Teller's Fool Us, and probably something else I've forgotten.

TV does go by the wayside some as we focus on Elijah - and especially as we get him down for bed between 8 and 8:30 - but we still love it whenever we get to see even parts of our favorite shows. Especially after hard times with the little guy! It's a good way to just relax and enter another world.

Movies I've Seen:

The only movie I've seen in the theatre lately, is The Hundred-Foot Journey. And oh. my. word. You guys. This movie is SO GOOD! Go see it, for real. It's heartwarming, endearing, encouraging, inspiring, funny, sweet, romantic but not annoyingly so and nothing is shown {so rare and so nice when not everyone is having sex left and right, after all romance IS more than that!}, and if you love food, this is a good comfort meal!! I was really impressed. There's nothing bad in it except a little violence that wouldn't even scare my 11-year-old niece. It's unsettling, but a good, realistic look at some of the issues in the world. Loved it.

Spiderman 2. A lot of people criticized this but we thought it was pretty good actually. Right on par with the way this line of movies has gone and we were entertained. Good acting and some nice comedic parts too.

Noah. Ugh. So completely off-base from the Bible, it was startling. But as a movie, technically it was good. Just so very wrong too.

RoboCop. I thought this was surprisingly good, but I also kept falling asleep. A combination of me being really tired, and the movie dragging in places. An intriguing concept, but one I hope we don't get to anytime in the near future. I never saw these original movies, but Tim said it was very similar.

The Other Woman. Pretty lame and a waste of time, except Leslie Mann was superb, her comedic timing with Cameron Diaz was hilarious and stellar, and there were some really, really, really funny moments. But ultimately the storyline is just ridiculous. It shows a pretty sad trend in our society these days with husbands cheating on wives way too much, and it's just a buzzkill.

What I'm Cooking:

Oh man. I've been so bad in the kitchen this month. With our vacation and lots of looming work deadlines, we've done some eating out or some light cooking. But certainly nothing worth mention here.


So that's what I've been up to in August. Anything exciting on your end?

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