Monday, March 24, 2008


This year's Easter was quite eventful. We had a wonderful time with Tim's family over at our house. There were 24 people in our house. We've had more than that here at once, but it was for a baby shower so there weren't a bunch of young kids running around. Nor was it for a really big meal. So this was a first for us. It became my personal endeavor to do everything myself and prove that I could still do it, despite the pain and the fibro. I wanted to show that I'm not going to let that get me down... that I still love to throw parties, open up my home, and be hospitable. But I have learned my lesson and will tone it down a few notches in the future... either by having others bring food in to help with such a big group, or with having fewer people over on a non-holiday. But it was fun and this was our first Easter hosting. Here are a few snapshots:

Tim & nephew Sam goofing off (Sam loves his dog)
The gang gathered in the living room around the Nintendo 64
The dining room table covered with loads of food
The kitchen table was also covered with loads of foodEating around the tables in the family room
More eating together

The egg hunt begins

The girls on the hunt

The boy clan

Tim's brother Paul and his new family (of about a year)Me with my new sister-in-law Becca
Me with the girls

Tim and ITim's sis Kandy and I

I hope that you and yours had a terrific Easter, remembering the death of Jesus on the cross for your sins, and celebrating his victorious resurrection! He is risen!

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