Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Lyrica Adventure, Day Three

I was pretty nervous about driving today, but thankfully when I woke up this morning I wasn't nearly as drowsy as I'd been the past two days. Whew! I made it to work without any trouble, although I did take the back, slow route just in case. It did make me late to work, but at least I felt like I was being a safer driver that way. I know I won't have trouble tonight since the drowsiness tends to ware off mid-day anyway. Hopefully as each day goes by, the drowsiness dissipates more and more. 
The frustrating part of this is that my rheumatologist wanted me to increase my dose slowly each week if it wasn't making a difference. Now we're not sure I can do that because of how drowsy it makes me. I talked with both my rheumo and my doctor yesterday. We're going to try to take me slowly off the Elavil or at least decrease the dosage on that (a mere 25 mg already anyway) and hope that as I come off that, the drowsiness also disappears enough so that I can increase my Lyrica dosage. Elavil doesn't work for me anyway, so I don't see any sense in staying on yet another pill. I'm on three meds that have the drowsiness side effect. Get me off at least one of 'em! Ugh.
I know these meds are supposed to help, but sometimes I wonder. I'm looking into alternatives, but for now this will have to suffice. Hopefully we can get all the meds adjusted properly soon.

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