Thursday, March 27, 2008

Lyrica Adventure, Day Four

I'm pretty sure I shouldn't have bothered to get up at all today. My pain is nearly intolerable today, and the Lyrica just seems to make me drowsy but so far doesn't help the pain. I actually feel like I'm in MORE pain. Every other night so far on Lyrica, I have a terrible night of sleep and I had such a night last night. I prayed for God to go before me on my drive in to work. I was more nervous today than yesterday about driving in this condition because it was also dark and gloomy out (yesterday it was bright and sunny). But I did fine, thankfully. Otherwise I knew the places along my route where I could easily pull over if I thought I was at all putting myself or others at risk. I keep it cold in my car with the music blaring, and that certainly helps... but so does the sunshine, which was lacking today. 
I have an appointment after work tonight with my OBGYN. With my weird fainting feelings and what not, she's fairly certain my birth control pill needs to be changed. I've been on the same one for eight years, so I guess that's not a good thing. Just what I need right now... more medication changes. Eek.
Thankfully God is in control and I am not!

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